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About GSAS

Known for its academic excellence, extraordinary faculty, outstanding facilities, and gifted students, the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences offers programs leading to the M.A., M.S., M.Phil., and Ph.D. degrees in 73 departments and programs. The Graduate School also offers joint-degree programs with several of Yale’s professional schools, as well as opportunities for advanced non-degree study.

The Graduate School’s purpose is to educate students in research, scholarship, and teaching in the arts and sciences. Under the guidance of the faculty, graduate students engage in advanced study of a discipline and then proceed to generate new knowledge and ideas through research. They learn to disseminate this knowledge in scholarly publications and teaching. Yale’s graduate students have built careers in colleges and universities, research laboratories, government, the nonprofit sector, and private industry. Their education equips them for leadership roles in all these callings.

The Graduate School enrolls approximately 2,800 students, with about 600 new students from around the globe entering each year.

Approximately 990 distinguished scholars and researchers teach, advise, and mentor graduate students. In addition to its academic resources, the Graduate School offers a variety of services to students. These include financial aid, career guidance, dossier service, teacher training, a social and cultural center, housing, health care, programs for international students, and more.

Warner House, located at 1 Hillhouse Avenue, contains the offices of the Graduate School And Faculty of Arts and Sciences administrations.

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The approximate number of Ph.D. degrees awarded each year