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Student Research Profiles

Jason Zentz: Questioning Questions for Linguistic Insights

December 2, 2014

Jason Zentz (Linguistics) studies syntax (sentence structure) and morphology (word structure) in the Bantu language family, which includes some 300-500 languages spoken throughout most of sub-Saharan Africa. More specifically, Jason studies the... read more

Tracing the History of the Universe

December 2, 2014

Distant galaxies show astronomers how the universe and our own galaxy evolved. Astronomy students Erica Nelson and Joel Leja are members of a team that is teasing out the early history of the universe by looking at distant galaxies... read more

What Can Dogs Teach Us about Teaching?

June 5, 2014

Angie Johnston (Psychology) has been interested in how the mind works since she was a little girl doing studies with her chocolate Labrador, Ginger. “I would try saying words she knew, like ‘treat,’ ‘sit,’ and ‘outside,’ in different... read more

Don’t Judge a Book by Its (Lack of a) Cover

April 7, 2014

The physical makeup of an old book tells an important story. When stage plays were published in Shakespeare’s day, they were usually printed as small, quarto-size playbooks, in a “stab-stitched” form without traditional bindings. Scholars... read more

Creating Simple, Durable Robotic Hands in the Lab

April 6, 2014

Raymond Ma (Engineering) came to Yale so he could join the GRAB Lab, headed by Aaron Dollar, the John J. Lee Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering and Materials Science. Ray learned about the project as an undergraduate and was... read more


February 4, 2014

An article by Nikhar Gaikwad (Political Science), titled “Presidential Prospects, Political Support, and Stock Market Performance,” was published in the Fall 2013 issue of the Quarterly Journal of Political Science. In the paper, he explores the... read more


February 4, 2014

Emma Ideal (Physics) is co-editor of a recently-published book, Blazing the Trail: Essays by Leading Women in Science. In it, 35 highly successful physicists, engineers, and chemists share their personal histories, their passion for discovery, and... read more

Creating New Life Forms in the Lab, One Codon at a Time

February 3, 2014

Lexi Rovner got hooked on synthetic biology after she read an article about Jay Keasling, who was using E. coli as a host for the cheap production of an antimalarial drug. “This was my first introduction to synthetic biology and research in... read more