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Academic & Professional Development

Academic and professional development opportunities at the Yale Graduate School of Arts and Sciences will assist you in your graduate and post-graduate careers alike. The Graduate School and other offices at Yale collaborate to inform and train you in core competencies necessary for a wide range of academic and non-academic career paths. These University offices provide an array of professional services to supplement the advice and resources within your department. These services are made available through the combined efforts of four key offices:

The Academic Deans’ Office – for Colloquia and Symposia Funding (on-campus student-faculty research groups and student conferences).

The Center for Teaching and Learning – for teaching and writing support. The Graduate and Professional Development program and the Graduate Writing Lab are both part of the Yale Center for Teaching and Learning.

The Office of Career Strategy – career services for GSAS Graduate students and postdoctoral fellows.

The Teaching Fellow Program – For Teaching Fellow opportunities and assignments at Yale

These offices invite you to begin exploring opportunities early and to match their services to your needs.