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Graduate Writing Center

The Graduate Writing Center (GWC) is now a unit of the Yale Center for Teaching and Learning. We work with all Master and PhD students registered with the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences (view participating departments). For the first time ever, the Graduate Writing Center is now piloting writing consultations for professional school students. The selected schools are the School of Drama and the School of Forestry.

Our services are offered throughout the academic year and include:

Writing Tip from the Graduate Writing Center

Let's get physical!

If you’ve hit a writing block, it can be helpful to print off a physical copy of the piece you’re working on. You can bring it with you to a park or a cafe and use a colorful pen or marker to go through and edit. Reading the physical copy, drawing your edits and being in a different physical environment–without your computer—can give you new perspectives on the work and lead to different edits and adjustments.

Dissertation Boot Camps and Study Halls help you finish chapters in a distraction free zone.