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Decision Questions

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Submitted applications (complete or incomplete) are made available to your program of study for review by the program’s admissions committee after the deadline for your program.  

Once that review is completed, your program notifies the Graduate School (GSAS) which applications are being recommended for admission.

Applications of those being recommended for admission are then reviewed by the Graduate School academic deans who make the final decision to admit.

  • Decisions are made and communicated during the months of February and March.
  • Official notification that a decision on your application has been made is communicated by email. 
  • The decision notification email does not contain the decision itself, decision information will be posted in the online application.
  • Official decision notification is made by the Graduate School and not individual departments or programs.
    1. You will be notified by email when a decision is available for you, at which time you will:
      1. Log into your Application Status Portal. 
      2. Click on the link Status Update.
    2. For admitted students, an offer of admission is displayed within the online application.  This is your Electronic Offer Letter (EOL) and contains the details of our offer of admission.  You must print and retain this EOL - no hard copy letter is generated.
    3. For students not admitted, electronic notification will be displayed within the online application, no hard copy letter is generated.
  • The Office of Graduate Admissions will not give decision results over the phone.

Please fill out the “Reply to Offer of Admission” form in your Application Status Portal.

Your admissions decision will be available on your Application Status Portal only. You should print and retain a copy of this letter.

Hard copy letters are no longer printed and mailed.


Please refer to the information under When is an “official” or “final official transcript” required in the Transcript FAQ category?

Yale and New Haven provide an attractive, relatively affordable array of resources and services for graduate students and families, which make this a great place to study and to live during graduate school. Please review the comprehensive info in the Life at Yale section for detailed information on all topics about housing option, health care, partner and families, transit, social life, and more.

McDougal Graduate Student Center -

  • The McDougal Center has professional staff, student Fellows, dedicated space and specialized programs to build graduate community and provide services for you and your family members. Most events are free or discounted. 
  • At McDougal Center events, and in Center spaces at HGS, you can meet, socialize, study and work with students and others outside your department and degree program to pursue your own interest and find your own community of support.
  • See our GSAS web calendar for a sampling of the many events and workshops Center offices plan each month. 

Graduate Student Housing Options - Degree-seeking Graduate School students can choose from on-campus graduate housing in dormitories and apartments, Yale-owned off-campus housing privately managed by Elm Campus, and traditional non-Yale off-campus housing in apartments and houses in greater New Haven. Visiting and non-degree students are generally not eligible for on-campus housing.

  • For more extensive information, please see Housing Options in the Student Services section of the site.
  • For on-campus graduate housing, see application information here. Apply starting April 1 for your best chance at getting your preferred assignment. On-campus graduate housing is limited in supply and not guaranteed for entering students.
  • Many students enjoy living off-campus in apartments and houses downtown and in varied New Haven neighborhoods. See the Rental Resources in the Living in New Haven guide.
  • Shopping, cafes, arts, parks and nightlife are conveniently located in or near most popular graduate student neighborhoods. Please see the New Haven Neighborhood profiles here.
  • Transit Options - You do not need a car to study at Yale and live in New Haven, with biking, walking, Yale transit and public transit options available. Yale also offers Zipcar car sharing service, and on-campus parking for those with cars.

You should first go to the Graduate School’s Financial Aid web page.

If your question is not answered, you may call the Financial Aid Office at (203) 432-2739.

Unfortunately, no. As a matter of policy, we do not return application materials to applicants. 

We may retain your application year to year, but you will nevertheless need to submit a new application each time, including all required materials and the application fee. 

Applicants who have been denied admission three times by the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, whether by one or more departments, are not eligible to apply again. If a fourth application is submitted, it will not be considered and the application fee will not be refunded.

Departments/Programs make admission recommendations to the GSAS deans, who make the final decisions concerning admitted applicants. 

Decisions not to admit an applicant are almost always made at the program level. 

  • You might try contacting the program to which you applied.
  • Please consider that the large number of applications received and the small number of places available often make for difficult decisions. 
  • Admissions committees adopt a comparative perspective toward all applications received and seldom keep extensive records concerning the decision in each case. 
  • Programs are not required to provide applicants explanations concerning admission decisions.

Requests for deferred admission will be considered only after an offer of admission has been accepted. 

  • A request for deferral must be submitted in writing to the appropriate associate dean who will communicate with the Graduate School’s official department or program. 
  • An admissions deferral may be requested for one academic year.

Please contact the Office of Graduate Admissions by calling (203) 432-2771.