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Letters of Recommendation Process

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Our online application allows you to identify your recommenders. Then, the system emails your recommenders with access information. Please note:

  • When recommenders submit their letters of recommendation, they are automatically attached to your application record (submitted or not submitted).
  • You can see the status of receipt of letters of recommendation submitted.
  • Letters of recommendation added after you submit your application are automatically attached to your application.

The online system also incorporates a recommendation form with a rating section that allows your provider to provide a quantitative rating for you (relative to others who have gone to Graduate School in recent years) in three categories - Academic Performance, Intellectual Potential, and Motivation for the Proposed Program of Study.

The number of letters required varies by application type.

  • For degree programs, three letters of recommendation are required
  • For non-degree programs, two letters of recommendation are required.

The required number of letter of recommenders must be identified before you can submit your application.

The system can accommodate up to six letters but only three (or two) will be listed in the application PDF and they will be listed in alphabetic order.  All letters however will be attached to your application and will be seen by faculty reviewing your application.

We are sorry, but our system can only accommodate letters submitted online.

If your recommender cannot or will not submit their letter online, you should reach out to someone else.

Yes, you can.

  • To add a recommender, return to your online application and visit the “Recommendations” section and your “Recommender” list.
  • Please advise your recommenders that an email with access information will originate from

Unfortunately, you will have to identify your recommenders again in your current year application. Your recommenders will have to submit recommendations again.

Yes, you can, if the recommender has not already submitted a letter for you.

  • To delete a recommender (for a letter that has not yet been submitted), return to your online application and visit the “Recommendations” section and your “Recommender” list.
  • Please advise your recommender that you have deleted them from your list.

The Yale office of Admissions does not accept letters of recommendation from credential management and dossier services unless the service has the ability to upload a letter directly into our online recommendation system. Please check with your service to see if they have that ability.

Since all applications are reviewed by the faculty online, paper based letters cannot be accommodated.

Additionally, an important part of your letter of recommendation is a quantitative rating for Academic Performance, Intellectual Potential and Motivation for the Proposed Program of Study, that recommendation are asked to provide for you relative to other students who have gone to Graduate School in recent years. Recommendations submitted to centralized credential management and dossier services are unable to provide for this form.


We do suggest that at least one recommendation should originate from a faculty member of the last institution you attended as a full-time student. It is not mandatory, however, that you do this if you have been out of school for a number of years.

When you identify a recommender within your online application, an email is automatically initiated from our service provider on your behalf. 

If your provider has any spam blocking or other software intended to filter out certain email, he or she may not even see this email. If he or she contacts you please 

  • ask him or her to disabled any spam blocking software and allow email from <>
  • ask him or her to disable any popup blocking software that may prevent the display of important information.

If your recommender received the email but is having trouble accessing the form please advise him or her to click on the “Need Help” link to contact technical support.