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Gruber Science Fellowship at Yale

Established in 2011 by the Gruber Foundation, the Gruber Science Fellowship is awarded to the most highly ranked applicants to Yale PhD programs in the life sciences and in cosmology and other fields of astrophysics.  This Fellowship is the most prestigious award offered by Yale’s Graduate School of Arts and Sciences to incoming science students in recognition of their outstanding accomplishments and exceptional promise.  Both U.S. and non-U.S. citizens are eligible to receive a Gruber Science Fellowship.

Gruber Science Fellows receive a stipend supplement and a research account in addition to the standard stipend and tuition award given to students in their respective PhD programs.  Fellows are also entitled to participate in Fellowship events and activities throughout the academic year among many special privileges, such as meetings with seminar speakers and lecturers as well as a fall reception for new Fellows.


If you are interested in pursuing PhD studies as a Gruber Science Fellow, we invite you to apply to Yale! 

Participating PhD Programs are:

To apply to any of these programs, please see the Office of Admissions website for information about the online application process and deadlines (which vary by program) at

Selection of Fellows

Participating PhD programs nominate candidates who represent their most highly ranked applicants.  Candidates chosen to be a Gruber Science Fellow are notified of their selection for this honor in an award letter along with the letter offering admission to the Graduate School.


For further information about the Gruber Science Fellowship, please contact Associate Dean Richard Sleight.