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Outdoor Spaces @ McDougal Center

Outdoor Spaces at McDougal Center 2.0

Enjoy the many outdoor spaces at McDougal Center at 135 Prospect Street, also home to LGBTQ Resources, OGCC & AODRHI.

Caulkins Courtyard at McDougal Center

Caulkins Courtyard - large Courtyard behind the McDougal Center and Watson Center. Site of Major GSAS events, like Dean's Receptions, Orientation, and eventually Commencement receptions. Picnic tables and chairs, benches, sun and shade.

  • Enter Courtyard from the Center's terrace stairs, Hillhouse avenue stairways, or the stairs from Watson Center. Accessible entrance by walkway off the parking lot at 135 Prospect street.

Swenson Terrace - large stone rooftop terrace off the McDougal Center, upper level. Tables and chairs, benches and lights, it's a cool place to hangout, study, eat or meet with friends, enjoy sun or sunsets. No elevator access - up 3 stairs from McDougal Center Common Room.

Beinecke Patio - Large patio in front of 135 Prospect, at corner of Sachem, surrounded by high wall. With tables and chairs, benches and bike racks, it's a great place to eat lunch or study in nice weather - come inside to the McDougal Center when it's cold or rainy!