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Requesting Graduate Org Funding from McDougal Graduate Student Life (GSL)

Registered Grad Organizations can request funding from McDougal GSL of GSAS

As of February 1, 2017, ONLY graduate organizations currently registered with McDougal Graduate Student Life in GSAS may request any funding from this office.  

  1. As of Spring 2017, organizations must Register online in the new Yale Connect via Orgsync system to be recognized and to operate on the Yale campus as an official organization 
  2. Official registration is required BEFORE your organization can request funding from McDougal GSL - GSAS
  3. Read the McDougal GSL - GSAS Registration Guidelines
  4. If eligible, Submit a Registration Request online in the new system 
  5. Once approved, then you may request funding per the guidelines below and on the attached forms here

Funding Basics 

McDougal GSL seeks to allocate its limited funding across many types of graduate-focused groups, with a priority on those that serve GSAS graduate students, that is, GSAS students are a majority or a plurality of org members.

  • Typical McDougal GSL funding awards are $200-$300 per group per term. Some larger groups or events can request up to $500 per term for large-scale activities, but this is rare.

  • McDougal GSL funding is by reimbursement for documented expenses after the event.

  • In special cases, McDougal  GSL can arrange to pay for internal Yale costs (room rental, media, security) in advance by internal charge.

What McDougal GSL CAN fund for registered organizations:

  • Supplies and materials for organization events on campus

  • Room rental, security, custodial or media Services fees, mainly at Yale

  • Snacks, soft drinks and light foods, usually up to $3-5 per person attending

  • Posters, printed materials, logo items and publicity, but use these cautiously for sustainability & cost reasons

  • Modest payments for bands or DJs for events held on campus or in New Haven

McDougal GSL can NOT fund for registered organizations:

  • Alcoholic beverages 
  • Travel costs by Yale graduate students who are group members to attend conferences, competitions, career search activities, or meetings
  • Travel, lodging or honoraria for speakers or performers (with the exception of modest honoraria for DJs or musicians for dances and events held in New Haven)
  • Fees paid to graduate student members of the group for services rendered (e.g., webmaster, treasurer, MC, editor, etc.)
  • Rental of cars or other transportation for out of area travel or reimbursement for use of personal vehicles (also not recommended due to liability)
  • Durable equipment (computers, camera, media) or ongoing supplies
  • Prizes, gift cards, and awards for individuals
  • Funds for direct donation to a local or national charity or non-profit
  • Graduate student conferences at Yale or regular academic or research-related graduate student colloquia - please see GSAS Dean’s funds for funding for these kinds of events.

McDougal GSL Organization Funding Process

*Follow same Process as listed below- McD GSL process will move into the new Yale Connect- Orgsync online system in late Spring 2017.

1. Submit the McDougal GSL Funding Request Form 3 weeks in advance. 

  • McDougal GSL will not accept funding requests within one week of an event and will not fund events that have already occurred.

2. Wait 5-7 business days for review and reply by McDougal GSL. Receive your decision by email. All funding decisions are final.

3. Prepare group Publicity: use McDougal GSL e-Notes and acknowledge McDougal GSL sponsorship and funding

  • Organizations that receive funding must clearly acknowledge the support of the Office of Graduate Student Life at the McDougal Center in their publicity and programs. Failure to do so may jeopardize current reimbursement and any future funding requests.
  • Submit a notice for your org’s funded event to the GSL weekly e-Notes here by the Thursday night prior to the week you want it to appear in the Notes.
  • In your emails, posters, Facebook posts, and website, use a phrase such as “with support from McDougal GSL- GSAS” or “with partial funding from McDougal Graduate Student Life.” 

4. Hold your event and enjoy!

5. Submit your Post-event Reimbursement Form and Receipts.

Other Sources of Funding for Graduate Student Organization events

  • Graduate and Professional Student Senate funds Graduate and Professional School-wide and organization events.
  • The Office of International Students and Scholars has the International Programming Fund (IPF) for events involving international student groups or international issues.
  • MacMillan Center for International and Area Studies provides funding for more academic and culturally related events.
  • The Graduate School Dean’s Fund for Student-Organized Colloquia and Symposia gives funding for GSAS student research workshops or student-organized conferences on campus.
  • The Graduate School’s Office of Graduate Student Development and Diversity funds multi-cultural and diversity groups and events.
  • The Office of Career Strategy for GSAS graduate-student career related events
  • The Yale Office of Development must grant student organizations advance approval for any fundraising efforts involving alumni, corporate or foundation sponsors. Please contact them directly before seeking outside major corporate or alumni sponsors for events or group activities.
  • Local merchants and organizations may provide sponsorships and in kind support as appropriate.