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Connect with McDougal Grad Student Life

Want to find out about all the great McDougal Grad Student Life events planned year-round by the GSL Fellows? We've got an email newsletter and social media channels to keep you connected with events and with the graduate community:

  • Weekly McDougal Grad Student Life e-Notes tell you about fun and interest GSL events, Fellows Tips of the Week, and announcements from grad groups about grad resources. The GSL Notes are sent automatically to all GSAS students weekly.  Once a week, no spam, we promise.
  • Student Spouses/partners, postdocs & other Yale G&P students can subscribe to Notes here
  • Academic year (Sept-May) - The GSL Notes are on Summer break, and will be transitioning into Yale Connect in Sept 2017. Groups can begin using their own Yale Connect portals to advertise events to students. 

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