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Lisa Brandes's picture

Lisa Brandes

Assistant Dean for Student Affairs
HGS 126
Lisa Brandes's picture

Lisa Brandes

Assistant Dean for Student Affairs
HGS 126

Lisa Brandes joined the staff of the Graduate School in 1996 upon the founding of the McDougal Graduate Student Center. She has worked with graduate student fellows and staff to develop a wide range of social and cultural events and foster a greater sense of community among students and postdoctoral fellows. She oversees orientation and various events sponsored by the Graduate School, including coordination of Commencement activities.

Raised in Louisiana, Dean Brandes received her B.A. in political science from Louisiana State University in Baton Rouge. She earned her M.A., M.Phil and Ph.D. in Political Science at Yale, with a specialization in international relations. Lisa held faculty positions at Tufts and Wesleyan Universities, and her research focused on the domestic sources of foreign policy, particularly the impact of gender on public attitudes toward war and peace issues. Brandes has served as an officer within regional and national political science associations and women’s groups. More recently, she has been a leader in graduate student services associations and active in graduate education issues, writing articles and making conference presentations on graduate student life and mental health.

Grad Student Life Fellows

Graduate and Professional students who are appointed as McDougal Graduate Student Life (GSL) Fellows plan student life programs in the areas listed below.

  • As a team, Fellows produce popular grad events like the monthly First Fridays at Five and McDougal Winter Ball
  • Fellows coordinate activities among student groups, various offices of the University, and local arts groups and merchants
  • GSL Fellows lead events and help organize New Student Orientation for the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences (GSAS)  

Interested in being a McDougal GSL Fellow? Applications are available online here each March for the following academic year. As a McDougal GSL fellow you contribute to the graduate community, meet new people, develop and build new skills, and become part of a fun and diverse 18 person team. Fellows work 5-8 hours per week in a flexible schedule and receive a modest honorarium. Being a fellow can also help you learn and demonstrate important skills useful for your career after Yale.

GSL Coordinating Fellow

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Amanda Lerner
Slavic Languages and Literature

Arts & Culture

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Estella Barbosa de Souza
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Anya Corke
Slavic Languages & Literature

Blue Dog Cafe

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Lily Higgins
History of Art


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Yuan Yuan
Connor and Jennifer Williams's picture
Connor and Jennifer Williams
History and African American Studies, Spouse

Health & Wellness

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Ceren Safak
School of Management
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Eileen Condon
Nursing PhD


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GeeHee Lee
Biomedical Engineering
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Silin Ren
Engineering & Applied Science

Public Service

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Edward Han
Biomedical Engineering
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Ally Tapley
African Studies

Religious & Spiritual Life

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Tyler Ung
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Gabby Cudjoe-Wilkes


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Lucas Zavala
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Amanda Zheutlin

Sports & Recreation

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Molly Ryan
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Yasmin Kadry