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Health & Wellness

Yale Health Care

Yale Health is the on-campus full-service health center and health care plan. All students enrolled at least half time automatically receive Yale Health coverage free of charge; non-degree students may opt into Yale Health coverage for a fee. At right, the Student Guides, chart and video explain coverage and how Yale Health works. It's simple, paperless, free or very low-cost coverage for all students!

  • Health Fellowship for Yale Ph.D. students in the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences (GSAS) covers the full cost of single-student Yale Health Hospitalization/Specialty Coverage, half the cost of the spouse/civil union partner two-person Yale Health premium fee, and the full cost for family coverage with dependent children under the age of 26.
  • By September 15 each year, you can choose to waive the Hospitalization/Specialty coverage by using the online Waiver Form and demonstrating that you have appropriate alternative insurance coverage. 
  • For all Yale Health coverage questions, contact  Member Services

Dental and Vision Options (non-Yale Health)

Travel Health Programs for GSAS Students

  • Travel Health Department at Yale Health provides pre-travel consultation, education, vaccination and medication, usually for a fee.
    •  For Ph.D. students, GSAS provides a Travel Health Fellowship to cover travel department visits and immunization only at Yale Health, prior to approved dissertation research travel. 
  • GeoBlue International Health coverage is provided by GSAS for Ph.D. students registered in absentia while conducting research or studying outside of the US.
  • Approved Academic Travel Rider is offered to help meet the medical needs of students who travel within the United States but outside of the Yale Health service area, for research, internships or field-study. 
  • UnitedHealthcare Global Travel Emergency Coverage provides 24/7/365 multilingual International and US/Domestic emergency medical, security and travel assistance services. For all Yale students & staff for business and personal travel.
  • Yale World Travel Toolkit provides information and a pre-departure checklist for students doing international research or educational travel. 
  • Register your International Travel with Yale, using your NetID. Yale staff can locate and assist you in case of an emergency, natural disaster or political crisis.

Mental Health and Wellness

Graduate school has been described as a marathon, not a sprint, with ups and downs; we believe you'll enjoy and benefit the most from graduate school by taking care of your physical and mental well-being. Try to get enough sleep, eat well, exercise, use alcohol in moderation (if at all), and utilize effective stress management strategies. While focusing on your studies, make time for yourself and the things that give you joy and energy. As an adult student, you may encounter issues in your personal life (relationships, grief, family, sexuality, work) that you want to discuss with someone.  At Yale, there are many confidential resources and people to help you. 

Mental Health & Counseling for Graduate Students 

Mental Health and Counseling (MH&C) at Yale Health offers free confidential individual and group counseling for all students and their enrolled family members at Yale Health Center. Call to make an appointment for an initial assessment. You can be seen the same day if needed. See the great brochures, video and resources in the right sidebar.

When you need to talk to someone

  • GSAS Staff deans and directors are here to help if you have academic, personal or financial concerns or questions.

  • Chaplain's Office at Yale is a resource many students value. The Chaplain's Office has links to clergy from varied religious traditions who can speak with you. Many student fellowship groups help you get support from your peers.

Sexual Conduct Resources

Yale strives to be a community free of sexual misconduct, by promoting the essential values of respect and responsibility, providing education, and working with students, faculty, and staff to create a community that is safe and supportive for all. Yale takes all complaints and accusations of sexual misconduct seriously.

Sexual Misconduct Response

SHARE Center for information, advocacy and support, 24/7

Wellness, Fitness and Healthy Lifestyles

    Student Wellness at Yale Health helps all Yale students access information and programming on health and wellness: stress reduction, mindfulness, safer sex, and sexually transmitted infections (STIs). McDougal Graduate Student Life Wellness Fellows plan monthly graduate wellness programs with support from Student Wellness.

    Yale WorkLife Resources help graduate and professional school students and staff balance Work, Academics, and Life: family and childcare, eldercare, pet care, marriage and divorce, grief and loss, and more. 

    Sports and Recreation at Yale offers you many ways to stay fit, have fun, connect with other students, and relieve stress. Also see the GSAS Sports and Fitness pages.

    Graduate Student Organizations are a great way to meet new people and do something interesting.