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Student Grievances

Student Grievances

There are four grievance procedures available to graduate students:

A student may use no more than one of these procedures for redress of any single complaint.

Graduate students who have concerns regarding the issue of sexual misconduct may discuss them with Dean Michelle Nearon, who serves as the Title IX coordinator for the Graduate School. Find a full list of Title IX Coordinators here.


The Dean of the Graduate School appoints several committees each year comprised of administrators, faculty and students to review student grievances.

Dean’s Advisory Committee on Student Grievances 2018-2019

Richard Sleight, Associate Dean

Emily Thornbury (English)

Charles Schmuttenmaer (Chemistry)
(203) 432-5049

Maria Pinango (Linguistics)
(203) 432-4145, 436-8021

Jaymin Patel (MCDB)

Daniel Eastman (Religious Studies)

Da’Von Boyd (Political Science)