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Academic Review Reports

The Deans and Staff of the Graduate School often conduct surveys and write reports about the state of various aspects of higher education at Yale University. This is the page on which we present to you the background for and results of such surveys and reports. 

Improving Graduate Education at Yale University

Under Dean Tom Pollard [2010 - 2014], the Yale Graduate School of Arts and Sciences completed a review of our doctoral programs in 2010-11 with the objective of optimizing outcomes for both students and their programs.

Terminal Master’s Degree Programs in the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences

The Graduate School of Arts and Sciences initiated a review of its terminal Master’s degree (M.A. and M.S.) programs in Spring 2012, under Tom Pollard, following its 2011 review of doctoral programs. Our objective was to understand the academic purpose and organization of Master’s programs and to evaluate how they meet the needs of students.

2-4 Project

In April of 2006, under Dean Jon Butler, the Graduate School invited all departments to evaluate the effectiveness of their Ph.D. programs, concentrating on years two through four. Approved by the Graduate School Executive Committee, the project encouraged departments to examine how the program structure in these critical years might be revised to better help students move through their studies more effectively.