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Application to the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences at Yale University is an online process. An application must be submitted by the deadline date of the program of study you wish to pursue. Detailed instructions are contained within the online application. Although you will be guided through each step in completing the application form you should understand the following:

  • Department or Program: Application may be made to only one department or program at the Graduate School per term unless specified as one of the three combined degree programs (African American Studies, Film Studies, and Renaissance Studies), which must be combined with another program or a department or program that may be combined. Please review the department and program descriptions for any special admissions requirements prior to submitting your application.
  • Degree: The Graduate School confers the terminal degrees of Ph.D., M.S., M.A., and M.A.S. The Division of Special Registration (DSR) is available for those who wish to pursue specialized study at Yale without pursuing a degree. The Yale Graduate School of Arts and Sciences also offers several joint degree programs with the professional schools at Yale. If applying jointly to the Graduate School and one of the professional schools, you must submit an application to both using the application process designated for each school. Holders of American Ph.D. or Sc.D. degrees, or their foreign equivalents, are not eligible for admission to the Graduate School in the field in which they have already earned a degree.


  • All materials (including transcripts) required or desired in support of your application and needed for a complete review of your application, must be attached (uploaded) to your online application. Please click here for the deadline date of your designated program.
  • Applications should be submitted as early as possible so that you can track the status of your application and the receipt of standardized test scores or letters of recommendation. You should log into your application frequently to check the status of receipt of those items.

*You will not be allowed to submit your application after the deadline for your designated program has passed.