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Searching for New Antibiotics in Alaskan Soil

December 14, 2016

As growing antibiotic resistance reduces the arsenal of drugs available to combat infectious diseases, the hunt is on for new chemical compounds that can be enlisted in the fight. Graduate student Gabriel Lozano (Molecular, Cellular, and... read more

Which is Better: Empathy or Concern?

December 14, 2016

Matthew R. Jordan (Psychology) and Dorsa Amir (Anthropology) with Paul Bloom, the Ragen Professor of Psychology and Cognitive Science, are co-authors of a paper forthcoming in the journal Emotion that asks, “Are Empathy and Concern Psychologically... read more

Celebrating Outstanding Graduate Teaching Fellows

November 28, 2016

Every year, the Graduate School and Yale College select a small number of Prize Teaching Fellows (PTFs) in recognition of their extraordinary competence, dedication, and enthusiasm in the classroom. PTFs are chosen from among those nominated by... read more

Honoring a Leader in Environmental Conservation

November 28, 2016

The School of Forestry and Environmental Sciences has honored Guillermo Castilleja (MFS, 1983; MPhil 1985; PhD 1991, FES) with its 2016 Distinguished Alumni Award. In January 2016, Castilleja became the inaugural senior fellow at the Gordon and... read more

Looking Back at the Cold War in Latin America

November 28, 2016

History graduate students Tim Lorek and Andra Chastain organized “Traveling Technocrats: Experts and Expertise in Latin America’s Long Cold War,” a two-day international conference that convened at Yale in October. http://coldwarexperts.macmillan.... read more

Shakespeare and Racial Identity on Stage

November 28, 2016

Emily Glider (English) is interested in the depiction of race in Shakespeare’s plays. “Working with drama as opposed to other literary media poses unique problems of interpretation, because so much of a play's life is off the page,” she says. “The... read more

Founder of Open Labs to be Honored at AYA Annual Meeting

November 4, 2016

Zlatko Minev (Applied Physics) will receive a Yale-Jefferson Public Service Award for creating and leading Open Labs, a highly successful science outreach program. Given by the Association of Yale Alumni, STAY (Students and Alumni of Yale), and the... read more

Investigating the Health Impact of Fracking

November 4, 2016

Elise Elliott, a fifth year doctoral student in Public Health, is conducting research on the front lines of the debate over the health effects of fracking. Fracking (aka hydraulic fracturing or “unconventional natural gas development”) involves... read more

Seeking Alternative Voices to Analyze the Classics

November 4, 2016

Kyle Khellaf (Classics) has a long-term scholarly goal: to challenge traditional assumptions about antiquity. He teases out overlooked alternative voices where the canonical and the marginal intersect in Greek and Roman literature. An essay he... read more

Art History Alumna Wins MacArthur Fellowship

October 20, 2016

Kellie Jones (PhD 1999, History of Art) has been awarded a 2016 MacArthur Fellowship, commonly known as a “genius grant.” Jones is an associate professor in the Department of Art History and Archaeology and the Institute for Research in African... read more

Documenting Alaska Native History

October 20, 2016

Holly Miowak Guise (History) has won two prestigious prizes that will enable her to conduct interviews and consult archives in Anchorage, Fairbanks, and rural Alaska: the 2016 Walter Rundell Award from the Western History Association and a grant... read more

Graduate Student Organizes Exhibition at Yale Law School

October 20, 2016

Christopher Platts (History of Art) is co-curator of an exhibition on view now through December 15 in the Rare Book Exhibition Gallery of the Yale Law Library, 127 Wall Street. “Representing the Law in the Most Serene Republic: Images of Authority... read more