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OGSDD Fellows Program Application

Are you a current graduate student who wants to help create programming and provide support to your peers? If so, come join us! We invite you to apply as an Office for Graduate Student Development and Diversity (OGSDD) Fellow to work with our office towards an important mission. 

The Office for Graduate Student Development and Diversity (OGSDD) is committed to building and maintaining a nurturing and caring community of scholars, where students from diverse backgrounds and experiences are supported in their professional and intellectual goals and pursuits.

As an OGSDD Fellow, you will offer your peers a compassionate ear, practical advice, and meaningful advocacy as they transition through their degree program. You will be in a position to give advice on topics ranging from where to eat out in New Haven to finding a mentor or managing stress. A key qualification for a prospective OGSDD Graduate Fellow is eagerness to help. 

Why become an OGSDD Fellow?

  • You will have the opportunity to participate and contribute to University recruitment and retention efforts through active collaboration with other Fellows and the OGSDD Deans.
  • You will help develop peer support networks for diverse graduate students.
  • You will be able to develop and/or hone professional skills like setting and implementing goals, and teamwork.

The Application

We encourage you to read more about the details of program and application requirements on the OGSDD Fellows application:

  • OGSDD Fellows Application 2023 (deadline is Monday, April 24 at 5 pm) 

Please submit your application by the deadline listed on the application.