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The Office for Graduate Student Development and Diversity (OGSDD) offers the following informal advising options:

Individual advising with the OGSDD Director

The OGSDD Director meets with graduate students, particularly current and former Diversity Fellows and underrepresented students, not only to discuss their academic progress and needs, but to address any issues of concern. The Director may serve as an intermediary between a student and an academic dean or faculty member and is oftentimes an impartial listener for students who may simply need to vent. The Diversity Fellows also serve as peer advisors for students who may not be comfortable meeting with a senior-level administrator. The advising component of the retention process is significant in that it can help students identify potential crises long before they become detrimental to the student and his or her academic progress. Appointments are suggested, but not required. 

To schedule an appointment, contact Dean Nearon.

Peer to Peer Advising

The OGSDD provides “Peer to Peer Advising” for students with questions which they may feel hesitant asking a faculty advisor or an administrator. Graduate student fellows who are affiliated with the OGSDD are available to offer a compassionate ear, practical advice, and advocacy as students transition through the various stages of their degree program. Whether students are interested in learning more about the best restaurant in New Haven, finding mentorship, or discussing ways to manage time and stress more effectively, the OGSDD graduate student fellows are eager to help. The ODGSDD offers a safe, comfortable space (HGS, Room 128) to help students get their unanswered questions or concerns addressed. Appointments are not necessary. Learn more about the OGSDD Diversity Fellows.