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Application Questions

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Application for admission to the Yale Graduate School of Arts and Sciences for all degree and non-degree programs is an online process only.

  • All documents in support of your application must be uploaded to your application. This includes required materials such as your personal statement of purpose and transcripts, as examples. Do not mail any material to the Graduate School or to your designated program of study.
  • Recommenders will submit a letter of recommendation for you online. Once you identify a recommender he or she will receive an email providing instructions and access information.
  • You do not have to complete your application in one sitting. You will be able to work on your application over time and submit when you are ready, before the designated deadline. 
  • You will be able to track the receipt of standardized test scores released to us as well as recommendations submitted. 
  • You should send official scores to the Graduate School as soon as possible (code: 3987 for GRE and TOEFL). You do not need to wait to send scores until you have started your application. 
  • Application review does not begin until after the deadline of the program. 

Please read the policies and procedures for detailed information on the actual requirements of the process.

Programs will begin reviewing applications shortly after program deadlines. Please be sure to send any missing material for your application as soon as possible.

Some materials may be uploaded directly to your Status Portal. Official test scores must be submitted directly from test agencies (code: 3987 for GRE and TOEFL). Letters of recommendation must be submitted online directly by the recommender. You will be able to send recommenders a reminder email.

A statement of purpose is required of all applicants. The statement of purpose prompt for the 2019-2020 application is as follows: 

All applicants (except those applying to Biological and Biomedical Sciences): 

Please upload a statement of 500-1,000 words explaining why you are applying to Yale for graduate study. Describe your research interests and preparation for your intended field(s) of study, including prior research and other relevant experiences. Relate how the faculty, research, and resources at Yale would contribute to your future goals.

Applicants to Biological and Biomedical Sciences (BBS), only:

Your statement of purpose will aid the admissions committee in evaluating your application. Please succinctly respond in 500-1000 words by dividing your statement into the following 4 sections, with approximately 250 words or fewer per section. Use the bolded headings to divide your statement.

1) Motivation. Discuss your motivation for conducting research in your proposed field of study, and describe your career aspirations.

2) Research experience. Describe your research experience and explain how it prepares you for doctoral study.

3) Initiative. Explain how you have taken initiative on a research project, academic endeavor, or employment responsibility.

4) Challenges. Describe any challenges you have faced personally, in your research, or in prior employment and how you addressed them.

There are two ways to determine if a writing sample is required for the program to which you are applying:

  • The first is through the program’s website
  • The second way is from within the online application. Once you have selected your program of study, if a writing sample is required, you will not be able to submit your application until one has been uploaded to your application. 

You may upload a revised statement of purpose, resume, or supplemental materials via your Status Portal. 

Some departments and programs offer a joint degree between the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences and one of Yale’s professional schools. If you apply for a joint degree you must submit an application to both the professional school and the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences.

A combined degree is between two departments or programs, both within the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences. 

  • Applicants submit one application to the Graduate School and indicate that they wish to be considered for both programs. 
  • Certain programs (African American Studies, Film Studies, and Renaissance Studies) are mandatory combined degrees and applicants must indicate on their application with which department/program at the Graduate School they wish to be combined. 
  • Other departments/programs at the Graduate School can be combined, but do not have to be. Additionally, some departments and programs may not be combined. 
  • Refer to the Department and Program listing for complete information.


  • An application may be made to only one department or program at the Graduate School per term.
  • There are, however, a number of programs that permit you to apply as a combined degree applicant using a single application.
  • An application to African American Studies, Film Studies, Renaissance Studies, requires you to apply as a combined degree applicant.
  • To determine combined degree program options please refer to our list of Departments and Programs:
    1. Select your program.
    2. Click on the link to the bulletin and look for combined Ph.D. programs.

We strongly urge you to return to your application frequently to check the status of your application.

  • To check the status of receipt of letters of recommendation and test scores, please log into your online application or application status portal. 
  • You should check the status of your application frequently until your status is marked as Received.
  • Whether your application is submitted or not, you will be able to see if your recommenders have submitted their letters for you. You should not wait to submit your application because of pending letters.  
  • Once you submit your application you will be able to see whether or not we have received your Official GRE/TOEFL/IELTS scores* (allowing at least 5 business days for scores records to be matched to your application).

* If you have released test scores to us prior to submission of your application or you released scores to us in support of a previous application and your application does not reflect the receipt of those scores (after 5 business days), then please let us know.


  • All materials in support of your application must be uploaded to your application prior to submission.
  • Letters of recommendation are completed online and attached to your application automatically. None are to be mailed (email or post) to the Office of Graduate Admissions or to your program. If received, they will be discarded.
  • If you have materials such as books, manuscripts, CDs or sheet music that you consider essential in support of your application, you should extract a sample and upload that sample to your online application. 
  • Please note that all applications are reviewed online so hard copy materials cannot be accommodated. Do not mail any materials to the Office of Graduate Admissions or to your designated program. Such materials, if received, are discarded.

Some programs and departments at the Graduate School offer specific fields of study, however, not all of them require you to choose one when you submit your application. 

If you are applying to a program that does not require subfields, you may wish to indicate your interest in a specific field of study in your statement of purpose.

Yes and No.

  • The Office of Graduate Admissions (or programs) does not accept evaluations or transcripts from credential management and dossier services by email or post.
  • If the service has the ability to upload a letter directly into our online recommendation system, then those letters will be accepted. Please check with your service to see if they have that ability.

All materials for your application must be uploaded to your application. Do not mail anything to us as it will not be included in your application for review by faculty. 

Beginning December 15, you may report or upload a copy of your fall grades via your Application Status Portal. This is for Ph.D. and Master’s Degree applicants only and will be available until March 1. 

Do not mail any materials to us. 

You will need to submit a new application, with all the required materials, and a new application fee. However, you will not have to resend your official test scores if they were sent previously.

Applicants who have been denied admission three times by the Graduate School, whether by one or more departments, are not eligible to apply again. Please read the Policies and Procedures on reapplying for additional information.

You may withdraw your application prior to an admissions decision being rendered, however, please note that application fees are non-refundable.

If an application was submitted to the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences when intended for another school of the university and you have already submitted an application to that school, we will withdraw your application and your application fee may be refunded.

  • Transcripts and other materials submitted as part of a withdrawn application will not be transferred to the other school of the university.
  • Letters of recommendation will not be transferred.

Yes, we do have a fee waiver program for eligible applicants.

Please see the Fees/Fee Waiver section.

Yes, but you should make every effort to have your standardized test scores released to us as soon as possible.

  • Please bear in mind that faculty can begin reviewing applications following the deadline of your program.
  • While they may have self-reported scores (that you entered in your application), no formal decision can be made until official scores are received.
  • Official score records received after the deadline will still be provided to the program.
  • Not reading all instructions nor reviewing the Frequently Asked Questions section.
  • Not taking required standardized tests early and releasing scores to Yale Graduate School of Arts and Sciences (code 3987) prior to the deadline of the program to which they applied.
  • Not using your full legal name (the name you will use on your application and which appears on your passport) when you register for standardized tests.
  • Not identifying your recommendation providers early enough in the process. You should list your providers as soon as you start your application.
  • Not returning frequently to the online application after submission to verify the status of required materials such as test scores and letters of recommendation.
  • Not submitting their application well before the deadline of the program to which they are applying.