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Credit Card Payment Questions

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CID stands for “Card Identification.” This is a security code number which could be found on the back of your Credit Card next to your signature. It is usually a 3- or 4-digit number. This number is required to complete your credit card transaction.

Please confirm that you have used either a Visa or Mastercard and entered the:

  • Correct card number
  • Correct expiration date and date format
  • Correct security code (found on the back of your credit card)

If those do not resolve your issue, you may want to check with your credit card company to make sure that you have not exceeded your credit line and that no holds are on your account. Alternatively, you may try a different Visa or Mastercard. 

Once you have resolved the issue, you can return to your online application and proceed, once again, to the payment section.

If you are trying to pay the application fee but cannot advance to the payment page or are receiving a message indicating “Webpage not available” , it is possible that the IP addresses of your service provider are being blocked to prevent fraud.

You may wish to try again using a different computer, a different computer network, or using a VPN connection.