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Incoming Student Questions

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We look forward to your arrival! To travel to/from Yale and New Haven, see the Yale Transit Options pages, including area airports and ground transportation information. Yale does not offer airport pickup service for new students, but you can arrange for a ground transportation service that best meets your needs.

There are many resources available for incoming students. Please visit the

After you have accepted our offer of admission, beginning in early April you will receive an email containing 

  • Your Student ID (SID) number. Your Student ID (SID) number will be your primary identification number while at Yale.
  • Your Net ID. When activated your Net ID will allow you to access your new Yale email account along with various systems and files.

Instructions on how to activate your Net ID and your activation PIN are sent to you via email during April.

Your Net ID and SID are separate from your physical Yale Student Photo ID card, which is used for identification and for accessing many facilities. Yale ID cards are not available until GSAS Orientation - please see the New Student Checklist for information on uploading your photo for your new Yale ID card.

New student Orientation - The Graduate School organizes a week-long comprehensive New Student Orientation program in mid-August prior to the start of classes. 

  • New GSAS Student Orientation begins in mid-August on Monday at 9:00 am. All new degree-seeking Graduate School students are required to check in on Monday at the Hall of Graduate Studies (HGS) (320 York Street, HGS 119) between 9:00 am and 4:00 pm. Please plan your travel to be on campus no later than 12:00 noon that day. We look forward to meeting and welcoming you. See Orientation Calendar here.
  • Week of GSAS and Departmental Orientation events: Participating in Graduate School of Arts and Sciences (GSAS) Orientation helps you to make a smooth transition into your program of graduate study and into life at Yale and in New Haven. At Orientation, you can get practical information on your department and degree program, the Graduate School, the University and New Haven. There are also a variety of social events to enjoy, where you can make new friends and build community.

*Non-degree students are not expected to attend GS Orientation events, as some of you will not arrive at the start of the academic year. However, if you are in New Haven, you may attend any GSAS Orientation events of interest to you, unless noted.

Orientation Questions? Contact the Office of Graduate Student Life by email or by phone 203-432-2583 with any questions or concerns regarding Orientation.

GSAS Course Enrollment and Registration online. Starting in late August, new students can begin selecting fall courses, under the advice of their department/degree program.

  • No Course Pre-Registration at Yale - Yale has no pre-registration or pre-enrollment for courses prior to the beginning of classes each term. Students have two weeks at the beginning of each term to select courses online, using their Net ID, which should be activated before arriving at Yale.
  • 2019 GSAS fall term classes start Wednesday August 28, 2019. 
  • Online Course Information
  • Online Course Selection and Registration Login with NetID required.
  • Departments or degree programs may contact new students during the summer with general registration and program requirement information. Departments also organize their own orientation sessions for their new students, usually just before the start of classes. 

Academic Calendar of Yale Graduate School

The Office of International Students and Scholars (OISS) serves as immigration adviser for all Yale international students and their accompanying family members.

Arrival and Immigration task list for New Students from OISS - see here for a list of tasks and processes to get your immigration documents and to prepare to come to Yale. OISS will contact all international students who have accepted Yale’s offer of admission directly with necessary visa and immigration information.

Yale and New Haven provide an attractive, relatively affordable array of resources and services for graduate students and families, which make this a great place to study and to live during graduate school. Please review the comprehensive info in the Life at Yale section for detailed information on all topics about housing option, health care, partner and families, transit, social life, graduate student services through the McDougal Graduate Student Center, and more.

Graduate Student Housing Notes -  Degree-seeking graduate students can choose from on-campus graduate housing in dormitories & apartments, Yale-owned off-campus housing privately managed by Elm Campus, and traditional non-Yale off-campus housing in apartments and houses in greater New Haven. Visiting and non-degree students are generally not eligible for on-campus housing.

  • Housing Options in Student services section
  • For on-campus graduate housing, see application information hereApply starting April 1 for your best chance at getting your preferred assignment. On-campus graduate housing is limited in supply and not guaranteed for entering students.

New Student Checklist online - After you have accepted Yale’s offer of admission, in mid-May we will send you an email which includes the link to the online New Student Checklist, and other information about IDs, health care forms and information, and tasks to prepare for starting at Yale. The Checklist information will be updated annually as of mid-April, so you are welcome to go there and get started with your tasks as of then.