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Yale International Loan Program for Non U.S. Citizens

Yale currently has a loan for International students. We are hoping that the International Loan program will still be available to students in future years. Students may apply for the Yale International Loan or any other loan of their choice. We encourage students to shop around for a loan that best suits their needs. Below are details of Yale’s International Loan program. This information is current as of today. Please be advised, however, that the terms of the lending institution at the time you sign for your loan will prevail.

  • 5% origination fee
  • No co-signer required
  • 6 month grace period
  • 10 year repayment period
  • Interest accrues during attendance and is capitalized at end of grace period
  • 2017-2018 interest rate is currently 7.75% fixed

This rate is fixed for all students. If a bad credit rating is realized, the University will reserve the right to decline the loan.

Student loans are based on need. Need is calculated based on the total cost of education, less any financial aid you receive in fellowships/scholarship/teaching/work, and your own personal contribution.

Our Office of International Students and Scholars (OISS) cautions students against inadvertently demonstrating that a US loan might be their primary means of financial support. If a student tries to show that they will pay for their education entirely in loans, the US Embassy may question their ability to repay a rather large US-dollar amount when they return home. So we caution that loans should not be your only source of financial support.