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Where Do I Go from Yale?

Where Do I Go from Yale?

Where Do I Go from Yale? is an annual event hosted by the Yale Graduate School Alumni Association (GSAA), the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, and the Yale Alumni Association (YAA) Careers, Life, and Yale program. Featuring career panels, discussion groups, and networking, the event taps into the wealth of knowledge and experience of Yale GSAS alums who have gone before you. It is an opportunity to explore career pathways, and consider the myriad opportunities available to Yale graduate students.

2022 Where Do I Go from Yale?

Fortune Favors the Prepared Mind: Unleashing the Potential of Your Degree
April 8-9, 2022 Virtual Event

The event has limited capacity: register here to hold your spot.

2022 WDIGFY participants' biographies can be accessed here.

Expand your network and connect with fellow students and alums from the event at the Where Do I Go From Yale LinkedIn page!

Friday, April 8, 2022

3:00 – 3:10 PM Welcome Remarks
James Shulman (PhD ’93, Renaissance Studies), GSAA Chair and Vice President and COO, American Council of Learned Societies
Jia Chen (PhD ’00, Physics), GSAA Vice Chair and Product Leader of Blockchain for Healthcare and Life Sciences, IBM Watson Health

How to Make the Most out of WDIGFY
Lynn Cooley (PhD '84, Chemistry, University of Texas Austin), Dean of the Graduate School, Vice Provost for Postdoctoral Affairs, and C.N.H. Long Professor of Genetics and Professor of Cell Biology and of Molecular, Cellular, and Developmental Biology

Overview of Symposium Agenda
Keerthi Shetty (PhD ’15, Immunobiology and MBA '18, Quantic School of Business and Technology), WDIGFY Co-Chair and Associate Director of Program Management, Intellia Therapeutics
Pamela Adams (PhD ’85, Political Science), WDIGFY Co-Chair and Associate Professor, Stillman School of Business, Seton Hall University

3:10 – 3:55 PM Keynote Presentation: Negotiating Your Career
This workshop will improve your mindset for negotiating what you deserve, at work and in your personal life. Dr. Cain will also provide tips on collaborating with difficult people. We finish with Q&A.

Daylian Cain (PhD ‘07, Organizational Behavior and Theory, Tepper School of Business, Carnegie Mellon University), Senior Lecturer in Negotiations, Leadership, and Ethics, Yale School of Management

Moderator: Jacob Gonzalez (PhD ’14, Cell Biology), Senior Associate Director of Graduate and Postdoctoral Career Services Office of Career Strategy, Yale University
Q&A Facilitator: Chelsea Xu (PhD '23, Neuroscience), Current Graduate Student, McDougal Fellow, Office of Career Strategy, Yale University

4:00 – 4:55 PM Concurrent Sessions: Pursuing an Academic Career or Another Degree/Fellowship

Session 1A: Academics for STEM

Interested in an academic career in STEM? Join us for a discussion of the transition from graduate student to faculty member. Our panelists provide examples of the pathways from graduate study to full time faculty positions at a range of institutional types – from large research-intensive universities to small liberal arts colleges – and much in between.

Moderator: Jim Staros (PhD ’74, Molecular Biophysics and Biochemistry), Professor Emeritus, Department of Biochemistry & Molecular Biology, and Former Provost, University of Massachusetts Amherst 
Omotooke Arojo (PhD ’17, Immunobiology), Senior Scientist, Immuno-oncology and Cell Therapy, Bristol Myers Squibb
Marco Bonett-Matiz (PhD ’17, Physics), Assistant Professor of Physics, University of Bridgeport
Han Li (PhD ‘14, Mathematics), Assistant Professor of Mathematics, Wesleyan University
Ewa Syta (PhD ’15, Computer Science), Assistant Professor of Computer Science, Trinity College
Helen Willsey (PhD '15, Genetics), Assistant Professor, University of California San Francisco

Session 1B: Academics for Humanities and Social Sciences

Our panelists will discuss options for Yale graduates interested in pursuing academic careers in the Humanities and Social Sciences. While the current job market in higher education is challenging, the work we do as humanists and social scientists is more relevant than ever. The global Covid-19 pandemic, political polarization at home, and a devastating war in Eastern Europe, to name just a few, have intensified the demand for analysis and expertise to help people navigate the world around them. Join us to learn more about how our alumni are making their own contributions to the production and dissemination of critical knowledge in these areas and beyond. We will discuss the academic job search process, how to balance teaching and research obligations, and share what we wish we’d known before we pursued careers in academia.

Moderator: Tammy Ingram (PhD ’07, History), Associate Professor of History, College of Charleston
Khalil Johnson (PhD ’15, African American Studies and American Studies), Assistant Professor of African American Studies, Wesleyan University
Esther Chihye Kim (PhD ’13, Sociology), Assistant Professor of Education, University of Southern California
Shari Rabin (PhD ’15, Religious Studies), Associate Professor of Jewish Studies and Religion, Oberlin College
Katie Wang (PhD ’14, Social Psychology), Assistant Professor, Department of Social and Behavioral Sciences, Yale School of Public Health

Session 1C: Additional Degree/Fellowship for STEM

A Matter of Degree(s): Sometimes It Takes One More Degree to Chart the Course You Really Want for Your Career. Although it may seem that more school is the last thing you want to consider as you complete your Ph.D., our panelists will share the ways in which an additional degree - MBA, JD, or MPH - has transformed their careers, allowing them to follow their passions and realize their visions. If you have ever considered founding a startup, working for a startup, pursuing an interest in business or in law, or working in public policy or for the government - or even if you haven't - come hear our panel's fascinating and inspiring stories. Our panelists will show you that it is never too late to take control of your future and pick a direction that excites you, while drawing on all the skills you have acquired and the experiences you have had so far.

Moderator: Anne Toker (PhD’98, Molecular Biophysics and Biochemistry and JD'91, Harvard Law School), Partner, Quinn Emanuel Urquhart & Sullivan, LLP
Yana Bebieva (PhD ’18, Geology and Geophysics), Postdoctoral Fellow, Climate Science, Georgia Institute of Technology
Nina Brahme (PhD ’14, Cell Biology and MPH '15, Quantitative Methods, Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health), Clinical Analyst, Food and Drug Administration
Allison Gilder (PhD ’14, Cell Biology), Associate, Foley Hoag
Ning-Shiuan Snoeberger (PhD ’14, Computational Chemistry and MBA '19, Boston University), Program Manager, Amazon

Session 1D: Additional Degree/Fellowship for Humanities and Social Sciences

One might think that a graduate degree from Yale is more than enough to pursue a career. Some alumni, however, find themselves pursuing a second graduate degree or fellowship. How does this happen and why? The panelists will discuss how an additional degree complimented their graduate work and opened a door to greater career opportunities. The challenges of a second degree, especially in a separate field of study with its own internal methods and analytical approaches, should not be discounted, and panelists will also discuss how they navigated those particular hurdles.

Moderator: Alissa Ardito Ashcroft (PhD ’04, Political Science), Senior Counsel, International Monetary Fund
Sara Hudson (PhD ’11, American Studies), Chief of Staff, Philanthropist
Madeleine Muzdakis (MA ’20, European and Russian Studies), Current Law Student, NYU School of Law
Max Walden (PhD ’18, History), Current MBA Student, NYU Stern School of Business
Alex Zhang (PhD ’18, Classics and Philosophy, and JD '21, Yale Law School), Judicial Law Clerk, U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit

5:00 – 5:55 PM Concurrent Sessions: Careers in Non-Profits, Foundations and Policy

Session 2A: Non-Profits for STEM

Panelists will tell their post-Yale journeys, the challenges they faced, and how Yale prepared them for these challenges. They will share the different types of hats they are wearing today and what lessons they have learned on their paths. They will talk about the world outside academe as well as other non-faculty appointments in the academy. Panelists will focus on openness, curiosity, exploration, and innovation – as it pertains to their careers and lives.

Moderator: Esther Zirbel (PhD ’93, Astronomy), CEO, Learning Ledgers Foundation
Tarek Fadel (PhD ’11, Chemical Engineering), Assistant Director, Marble Center for Cancer Nanomedicine, MIT
Titilayo Omotade (PhD ’20, Microbial Pathogenesis), Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Program Director and Project Specialist, Yale University
Laura Sima (PhD ’12, Chemical and Environmental Engineering), Senior International Specialist, US Department of Energy
Peter Umunay (PhD '20, Forestry and Environmental Sciences), Regional Team Leader, UN Environment               

Session 2B: Non-Profits for Humanities and Social Sciences

Career options for those seeking opportunities beyond the academy abound. The nonprofit sector is of increasing appeal, particularly to those in the humanities and social sciences. There are numerous types of nonprofit organizations and fulfilling career paths. Meet the panelists who will describe their journeys from Yale and share helpful tips on how to navigate this process. Some of the panelists recently participated in the Office of Career Strategy’s new program, Strategizing Careers in the Nonprofit Sector: Check this out for more information on nonprofit careers.

Moderator: Ellen Babby (PhD ’80, French Literature), Nonprofit Management Consultant and Senior Fellow, Center for the Future of Arizona
Craig Harwood (PhD ’02, Music Theory), Director, The Paul & Daisy Soros Fellowships for New Americans
Elizabeth King (PhD ’82, Economics), Nonresident Senior Fellow, Brookings Institution
Marissa Moore (PhD ’18, Music), Executive Director of Piano Cleveland
Brandi Waters (PhD ’21, Latin American History and African American Studies), Director, AP African American Studies, The College Board

6:00 – 7:00 PM Networking Session (breakout rooms)

Continue the engaging Q&A and conversations with the panelists at this highly interactive and valuable networking session. This is your chance to get insights from alums who were once in your shoes on job opportunities, interview processes, and career trajectories in innovative institutions and fields!

  1. Moderator and Panelists from Session 1A: Academics for STEM
  2. Moderator and Panelists from Session 1B: Academics for Humanities and Social Sciences
  3. Moderator and Panelists from Session 1C: Additional Degree/Fellowship for STEM
  4. Moderator and Panelists from Session 1D: Additional Degree/Fellowship for Humanities and Social Sciences
  5. Moderator and Panelists from Session 2A: Non-Profits for STEM
  6. Moderator and Panelists from Session 2B: Non-Profits for Humanities and Social Sciences

Saturday, April 9, 2022

9:00 – 9:05 AM Welcome Remarks

9:05 – 9:55 AM Keynote Presentation: Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging (DEIB): Considerations During Your Job Search and Beyond

For both candidates and employers, DEIB is more important than ever during the interview process and beyond. 70% of candidates consider a company’s commitment to DEIB when evaluating potential employers. At the same time employers are seeking candidates, diverse and non-diverse, who will support and advance their DEIB efforts. During this session with a former head of HR, we will explore the definition of DEIB and how it has evolved over time, the importance of self-reflection as a candidate to identify your values and how they align with a potential employer, and what to expect during the interview process as it relates to DEIB.

Pamela Puryear (MBA '88, Harvard Business School and PhD ‘08, Organizational Psychology, California School of Professional Psychology), Public Company Director, and Former Executive Vice President, Global Chief Human Resources Officer, Walgreens Boots Alliance

Moderator: Da’Von Boyd (PhD candidate, Political Science), Chair, Yale Graduate Student Assembly

10:00 – 10:55 AM Concurrent Sessions: New Ventures on the Rise: Working with or As an Entrepreneur at The Frontier

Session 3A: Startups for STEM

Startups, VCs, IPOs… Sound familiar? You may be an aspiring entrepreneur, investor, or just a curious observer, and we can help you to learn more about what startups are all about. We will discuss startup lifecycles, fundraising, key considerations in founding or working for a startup, and where to learn more.

Moderator: K. Mahala Burn (PhD ’13, Cell Biology), Director, Corporate Development and Strategic Financing at bioMérieux
Akwasi Asabere (PhD ’13, Molecular, Cellular, and Developmental Biology), Strategic Partnerships, Helix
Erin Burke (PhD ’17, Biological Anthropology), Associate Director of Partnerships, Variant Bio
Scott Gigante (PhD ’21, Computational Biology and Bioinformatics), Senior Machine Learning Scientist, Immunai
Natalie Ma (PhD ’16, Molecular, Cellular, and Developmental Biology), Cofounder and Head of Business Development, Felix Biotechnology

Session 3B: Startups for Humanities and Social Sciences

Join our discussion on how to prepare for a career in entrepreneurship. Transforming an idea or passion into a sustainable business or non-profit takes courage, and the journey from graduate school to a startup can be challenging or even intimidating. We'll talk about what it takes to succeed as an entrepreneur, how to overcome challenges along the way, and the gifts Yale and the Yale alumni community offer that can help you pursue your passions. Please join us for this open and honest discussion and bring your questions.

Moderator: Tom Kimberly (MA ’08, International Relations and MBA '08, Yale School of Management), CPO and CTO, Edelman Financial Engines
Veronica Baker (MA ’20, Global Affairs), Executive Director, The Climbing Initiative
Pianpian Guthrie (M.Phil ’13, Sociology and MS '10, Social Science, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology), Founder and CEO, Amotions, Inc
Heidi Knoblauch (PhD ’15, History of Science and Medicine), Entrepreneur in Residence/New Ventures Manager
Rachel N. Laryea (PhD ’22, Anthropology and African American Studies), Founder, Kelewele, LLC

11:00 – 11:55 AM Concurrent Sessions: Crossroad to the Future: Industries That Are Seeking Your Talent

Session 4A: Industries for STEM

In crossroads to the future, we dive into the transition from academia to industry and industry research. What is the process? Pros? Cons? How do you get a job that you will find fulfilling? The panel’s background and career choices provide unique examples of what trajectories students might take, how, and what they might accomplish as they leap into the next stage of their career.

Moderator: Zlatko Minev (PhD ’18, Applied Physics and Quantum Computing), Team and Tech Lead, IBM Quantum
Stefan Elrington (PhD ’17, Physics), Global Startup Ecosystem Lead, IBM Quantum
Emma Ideal (PhD ’15, Physics), Manager, Data Science & Engineering, Netflix
Ashley Schloss (PhD '17, Molecular Biophysics and Biochemistry), Strategy and Operations Manager, McKinsey and Company
Nripesh Parajuli (PhD ’18, Electrical Engineering), Machine Learning Engineer, Caption Health

Session 4B: Industries for Humanities and Social Sciences

In graduate school, academia can seem like the clearest career path available–after all, you’re surrounded by professors, postdocs, and peers who can counsel you along that path. In contrast, the prospect of leaving academia can feel like venturing into the unknown, all on your own. This panel will dispel common myths about the transition from academia to industry, with a focus on helping you develop the self-confidence to chart your own path. We will pull together common practical tips, advice, and experiences to help you transform your humanities or social science degree into the foundation for a career in industry.

Moderator: Laura Brown (PhD ’20, Music), Senior User Research Manager, Wayfair
Kaeli Andersen (PhD ’15, Political Science), Vice President, Goldman Sachs
Javed Jaghai (PhD ’19, Sociology), Senior Data Scientist, Premise
Eugene Meng (MA ’16, East Asian Studies), Senior Product Designer, Google
Jason White  (MAR '01, Religion and Ethics, Yale Divinity School), Director of Product Marketing, Meta

12:00 – 1:00 PM Networking Session (breakout rooms)

Continue the engaging Q&A and conversations with the panelists at this highly interactive and valuable networking session. In addition to the panelists from today's session the breakout rooms will also feature several additional industry leaders (some who are GSAA Board members) who will discuss opportunities in their companies/sectors. This is your chance to get insights into job opportunities, interview processes, and career trajectories in many of today's hot companies and fields!

  1. Keynote speaker Pamela Puryear
  2. Company Showcase: Humana (Health Insurance Services): Vishal Agrawal (MS '96, Molecular Biophysics and Biochemistry and MD'02), Chief Strategy and Corporate Development Officer, Humana
  3. Supranational Institutions and Development Banks: Federico Galizia (PhD '98, Economics), Chief Risk Officer, Inter-American Development Bank
  4. Company Showcase: SafeRock (Data Science): Shah Karim (MPhil '87, Economics), CEO, SafeRock
  5. Company Showcase: Halda Therapeutics (Biotech): David Puleo (PhD '18, Pharmacology), Research Investigator, Halda Therapeutics
  6. Company Showcase: Samsara BioCapital (Biotech Venture Capital): Levi Smith (PhD '19, Cell Biology and PharmD '15, Butler University), Senior Analyst, Samsara BioCapital
  7. Opportunities in the Connecticut Bioscience Industry: BioCT: Dawn Hocevar (BS, Biology and Chemistry, San Jose State University), President & CEO, BioCT and Todd Arnold (PhD ’92, Molecular Biology and Genetics, University of Georgia), Bioscience Consultant
  8. Moderator and Panelists from Session 3A: Startups for STEM
  9. Moderator and Panelists from Session 3B: Startups for Humanities and Social Sciences
  10. Moderator and Panelists from Session 4A: Industries for STEM
  11. Moderator and Panelists from Session 4B: Industries for Humanities and Social Sciences

Join us for the Three-Minute Thesis Award Ceremony on Thursday, April 14, 2022 from 5:00 pm to 6:30 pm in Loria 250 by registering here.

The Three-Minute Thesis Competition challenges Yale PhD students to describe their research to the public – in just three minutes! Join Dean Lynn Cooley as we celebrate our finalists, announce this year’s winners, and view the winning presentations. Our panel of judges, all GSAS alums, will also share insights about their careers and the value of strong communications skills in shaping their success.