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General Preparations & Information

Housing Options

April-June: Look at your Yale & New Haven Housing Options - we strongly suggest you secure housing before you arrive:

  • Apply for on-campus graduate housing - dorms and apartments - starting April 22 using online application
  • Apply for Yale-owned off-campus housing leased by Elm Campus
  • Look for off-campus housing April - June using the Yale-maintained Off campus living search site and roommate/housemate search tools
  • Use the 2019 New GSAS Students Facebook group to look for off-campus housing and housemates, too
  • You may need to pay security deposit and/or first month's rent to sign your housing lease or contract. Plan to arrive with sufficient funds to cover your startup expenses until your first stipend check August 31 for PhD students (see Financial services section)

See transportation options. When planning where to live, review Yale and non-Yale transportation options.

Travel Planning


​Living in New Haven Guides

  • Living in New Haven. For your transition to life at Yale and living in New Haven, a guide for new Yale students, faculty & staff.
  • Student Life at Yale.  A guide to Yale and New Haven student services and resources, from the Yale office of Student Life.
  • Family Life. If you are a graduate student with a spouse, domestic partner, and/or dependent children, check the information and links to resources here.
  • Info New Haven. Guide to events, dining, shopping and living in the Elm City,  especially downtown and the neighborhoods around Yale.
  • The Compass. Guide to Yale and New Haven for graduate students written by the Graduate Student Assembly (GSA), your graduate school student government. (Available as a PDF download from the web page.)

Spouses, Partners and Families

We welcome graduate student spouses/partner and children at Yale Graduate School.

  • The New Student Checklist has information on Spouse Yale ID Cards (Sponsored Identity cards) and spouse/family health care enrollment under those topics.
  • The GSAS Spouse-Partner webpages list a variety or resources for spouses and partners of graduate students, and graduate students with children, so please review them and take actions or send in forms as needed.

Follow GSAS Social Media


  • Transportation Options. Visit this site to learn about the varied Yale and New Haven area transportation options — walk, bike, transit, car, parking, airports, etc.
  • Yale Shuttle. Yale runs its own free bus and van transportation system to provide convenient, safe transportation around its campuses and selected neighborhoods in New Haven, day and night. Learn the routes and use them to get around, including to shopping and entertainment.
  • Yale Transloc. Free Yale Shuttle GPS real-time locator. Shows location of the shuttles day and night. Download the mobile app.
  • Zipcar. Yale and New Haven’s car-sharing service. Apply for a  Zipcard membership and get your Zipcard.
  • Student Parking. Request and arrange to pay for on-campus Yale student parking if needed - application opens in July, but there is no rush, as there is ample student parking in student garages and lots.
  • Biking and Bike Share - Many Yale students bike or use Yale's bikeshare program, and New Haven has an active cycling community.

Motor Vehicles

Owning a car can be useful but expensive and time consuming in the Northeastern US, so many students are “Car-free” while at Yale. See the Motor Vehicles section on the GSAS Transportation & Safety Page for info on registration, car tax, parking permits, etc.


  • Yale Public Safety Information and Programs. Review public safety tips for on and off campus living  BEFORE selecting a place to live and/or before arriving in New Haven. Wherever you live, watch this short personal safety video from Yale Police Chief Higgins.
  • Personal Property Insurance. Whether you live on- or off-campus, the University urges you to obtain property insurance (sometimes called “renters insurance”) to protect your bike, electronics and valuables against the unlikely occurrence of loss or damage. The Yale-affiliated student property insurance program (get the form here and during Orientation) is affordable and convenient, but you can choose your insurance provider.

Academics - Courses & Registration

  • Course information and enrollment. Yale GSAS has NO course pre-registration. You can NOT start register for graduate school courses until Friday August 23,2019. Then you have 2 weeks to complete online course registration, after consulting with your department/degree program. There is no hurry to enroll in classes, so talk to your faculty and department for course advice first.
  • University Registrar. This office handles all online course registration and academic records, including name change issues.
  • Canvas is the main online course management system at Yale with syllabi, readings, and course assignments
  • Yale SIS (Student Information System). Review and update all of your Yale academic and financial accounts, register online for classes and pay any Yale bills online. Login with your Yale NetID.
    •  Update the ‘Personal Data’ tab with your New Haven address and telephone number when you know it.
  • Resource Office on Disabilities. Contact this office to discuss any disability accommodations or services you may require.

Library and IT-Student Computing Services

University Financial Services

  • First GSAS stipend payment AUGUST 31. Plan to bring funds, credit cards or have resources to pay for your initial costs before you get any stipend check. See GSAS Financial Aid FAQs for information.
  • Yale Charge Account. Sign up for this student charge account good for certain on-campus purchases and at the Yale Bookstore. Log in at Yale Student Information Systems, then consecutively select the Student Accounts tab and Charge Account Authorization.
  • Financial Tips for Newly arriving International Students. OiSS tips for estimating your cash or credit needs for initial expenses, how to avoid bringing lots of cash or paper money, and preventing scams.
  • Something Missing? If you have been awarded a tuition fellowship and it does not appear on the Fall Term bill in your online SIS account administered by SFAS, contact your departmental registrar.

Food and Dining

  • Eating on Campus. Purchase “Eli Bucks” (points) from Yale Hospitality & Dining Services if you like, or use credit/debit cards or Yale charge to purchase food at over 18 campus eateries. There is also a graduate student lunch meal plan you could purchase to eat in certain cafes on campus.
  • Eating in the Elm City. Enjoy amazing local eateries and national-chain restaurants, cafes, food trucks and a wide range of cuisines in New Haven.
  • Food Shopping. See where to buy fresh food at grocery, specialty and farmer’s markets.