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GSAA Board Nomination Form

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Board Member Roles

1. What are GSAA Board members?

GSAA Board members are alumni of the Yale Graduate School of Arts and Sciences (GSAS) who are selected to represent our school’s alumni association constituency and serve in an advisory, voluntary capacity. We are a service-oriented board, and not a governance body. We do not drive Graduate School or Yale Alumni Association (YAA) policies – we act under their umbrella.

GSAA Board’s two major priorities are: a) serving graduate students and supporting their careers, and b) engaging Graduate School alumni and strengthening their involvement with Yale.

2. What are the responsibilities of GSAA Board members?

GSAA Board members are expected to travel to New Haven twice a year for bi-annual in-person meetings. In the fall, GSAA Board members attend both the YAA Assembly and our Board meeting, which represent a gathering of alumni leaders in New Haven that generally occurs on the final home football game weekend in November. The spring Board meeting is typically scheduled in April (around the Three-Minute Thesis (3MT) competition and Where Do I Go from Yale?, a career networking event). GSAA Board members usually bring thoughts, concerns and questions they may have, as well as those of other alumni they may know, to the Board and YAA Assembly and raising those thoughts at the appropriate sessions.

Every Board member is assigned to one or more working committees that meet periodically through conference calls throughout the year. They are expected to communicate back to other alumni what they have learned, both about the University in general and in terms of specific ideas and strategies that can help in their work with alumni groups. Committee reports are provided to all members to assist them in disseminating relevant alumni information.

3. Who should be a GSAA Board member?

While any alumnus or alumna who would like to share their perspective and skills with the GSAS Board is welcome to do so, we are particularly interested in alumni who have the ability to advance the GSAS mission values and operating priorities of the GSAA Board and have the ability to engage alumni around shared interests, skills or experiences. As a representative alumni group, the Board is optimally a diverse group of individuals in terms of age, gender, race, academic discipline, occupation, and geographic location.

4. Who can be a GSAA Board member?

Alumni of the Yale Graduate School of Arts and Sciences are eligible to become GSAA Board members. Once an alumnus/a has served a full three-year term as a voting member, they are not eligible to be appointed again unless they are elected as the Board officers. If a member is filling out someone else’s term or for some other reason has not served a full three-year term, they are eligible for re-nomination to a consecutive term.

5. Does it cost anything to be a GSAA Board member?

Board members are responsible for traveling to New Haven and for the cost of their hotel accommodations. Meals are provided as part of the Board meetings. There is no charge for attending the meetings. The GSAA Board has a small budget available to assist those for whom the expenses of attending the meetings would be a barrier to their involvement. While in general, expenses are not reimbursed, the Board is eager to be inclusive of early career graduates and others for whom a financial commitment associated with travel would represent a barrier to participation.

6. Where can I get more information about GSAA Board members?

For questions about GSAA Board membership feel free to contact the Board officers. You can find their contact information and learn more about their work at

Please complete the form below by March 1 for consideration as a candidate for the GSAA Board for a three-year term starting on July 1 to June 30.