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GSAS Summer Introductory Latin Courses

The Graduate School sponsors two Yale Summer Session introductory Latin courses (LATN S110 & LATN S120) for GSAS doctoral students. The courses are open to students who require training in Latin in order to satisfy degree requirements or pursue dissertation research. Tuition is provided by the GSAS and the Yale Summer Session application fee is waived.

Students should apply online through Yale Summer Session. During the online application process, students will have the application fee waived if, in the Education section, they

  1. respond to “Please select one” with “I am a Yale Graduate Student”;
  2. enter their Yale Student ID number (a nine-digit number which can be found on students' ID cards);
  3. respond to “Please select one” by selecting “Graduate School”.

Please direct any questions to Dean Allegra di Bonaventura.

Field of Study


Application Deadline

May 1 at 1 pm (EST)