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Housing options in New Haven

Graduate Housing (on-campus dorms & apts) - As a graduate student, you can choose to live on campus in Yale-owned graduate dormitories or graduate apartments. On-campus housing is limited in supply and not guaranteed, so apply on time for your best options.  

Elm Campus - You can rent Yale-owned off-campus apartments privately managed for us by Elm Campus. Only Yale students and staff may lease these units.

Off-campus - You can also find your own off-campus, non-Yale housing in one of many areas in New Haven. Off-campus student housing here is relatively affordable, close to campus and generally less expensive than peer university cities.

Off-campus Rental Housing - Search Sites 

  • Living in New Haven offers a detailed list of apartment buildings, property management, and leasing companies to search online.
  • Yale Off Campus Living is a Yale-maintained database of rentals, sublets, house-shares and info. Look for a roommate, sublet or houseshare here, or post your own at a student discount rate. This is a self-service site and listings are not certified or guaranteed by the University
  • Landlord Ratings allows you to read other students' ratings and post your own for off-campus apartments.
  • Craigslist New Haven offers rental listings as well. Buyer beware.
  • Our Facebook Group for New (year) GSAS Grad students group can help you find housemates and sublets.
  • Homeownership resources
    • Neighborhood Housing Services (NHS) of New Haven leads seminars, counseling, classes, and more for future and current homeowners from a local non-profit housing agency.
    • Ask a Local Bank- some local banks offer mortgage loan discounts on fees and points for Yale-affiliated people.

Tips for Off-campus Housing Searches

  • Look before you Sign a Lease. Whichever off-campus neighborhood you choose, we strongly recommend that you visit (or have someone visit for you) prospective rooms or apartments before signing a lease. If possible, visit New Haven in April, May or June to view rental units available in August.
  • Tenant rights and info can be useful for off-campus rentals.
  • Short term housing - If you need a local place to stay while hunting for an apartment, book a room in a local hotel, motel or bed and breakfast, or try a couch-surfing app. Try asking for the “Yale Rate” at local hotels. There are no youth hostels in New Haven, and the University has no guest or temporary housing.
  • Apartment Safety Tips are available from Yale Public Safety. 
  • Share - It's usually cheaper and easier to find shared housing (2BR or more) than single/studio/1BR units in this area.
  • Look for a listing about 60-90 days ahead of your intended move-in date, as most landlords require current tenants to give them 60-90 days notice if not renewing a lease. Browse housing sites regularly, as places are constantly becoming available and good listings go fast.
  • New students should check the GSAS Orientation page for the orientation start dates, so you can move and be settled in by mid-August! Consider asking current G&P students in your program about pricing and locations if you cannot visit.  Use the Facebook New Students group for finding housemates and sublets.