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Collaborating McDougal Center Offices

McDougal Grad Center = Space & Services for Grad Students

McDougal Supported Offices - The McDougal Center Endowment in GSAS supports the Center facilities, and the programs and McDougal Fellows of five collaborating offices to serve graduate students. Each programmatic office has professional staff and McDougal Fellows, or graduate student peer leaders, who provide events and services to serve Graduate School students like you. Three of the five McDougal programms have physical offfice in the McDougal center at 135 Prospect Street:

  • Graduate Student Life (GSL) at the McDougal Center or McDougal GSL has McDougal Graduate Student Life Fellows who organize fun and useful events and services to meet your needs and to build graduate community throughout your time at Yale. *GSL Fellows & Staff Offices @ McDougal Center, Rooms 185-187
  • Graduate School Office for Graduate Student Development and Diversity (OGSDD) operates collaboratively with departments and programs to expand the diversity of the student body and to enhance the intellectual experience of the entire scholarly community.  *Fellows Office @ McDougal Center, Room 188.
  • Office of Career Strategy (OCS) - OCS Office of GSAS Graduate Student and Postdoctoral services provides career advice for graduate students in a variety of career fields, with professional staff and McDougal Career Fellows *Satellite OCS Office @ McDougal Center, Room 187; Main OCS Office at 55 Whitney Avenue.
  • Graduate Student Teaching Development, part of the Yale Poorvu Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL) offers teacher training workshops led by McDougal Teaching Fellows, programs, and the certificate of College Teaching Preparation *Office at Poorvu Center, 301 York St.
  • Graduate Writing Lab, part of the Yale Poorv Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL) offers individual writing consultations, group workshops and writing retreats led by Fellows, student consultants and staff. *Office @ Poorvu Center, 301 York St.