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Offices at McDougal Center

Your McDougal Graduate Student Center is a Student Service Center with offices for you to consult with:

Office of Career Strategy (OCS) - GSAS Students & Postdocs - Staff and Fellows can meet with you to discuss your career planning interests (Room 187A - OCS Satellite Grad office; main office 55 Whitney)

Office of Development and Diversity Fellows, GSAS - Fellows have an office here for their Peer-advising programs (Room 188)

Office of Graduate Student Life (GSL), GSAS - GSL staff and Fellows (Rooms 185-187B) - 203-432-2583

  • Lisa Brandes, Asst. Dean for Student Affairs & GSL Director - for personal and and student life concerns; grad student organization issues; general issues about life at Yale
  • Jennifer Mendelsohn, GSL Assoc. Director - for personal and student life concerns; offers grad wellness and meditation programs.
  • Elizabeth Ludyjan, Administrative Assistant, GSL - for general reception and questions, information about center resources or GSL events.
  • GSL Fellows - 18 Grad student Fellows plan activities and events for you, including Orientation. Contact them by email with any suggestions or questions