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Outdoor Spaces @ McDougal Center

Outdoor Spaces at McDougal Center

Enjoy the many outdoor spaces at McDougal Center at 135 Prospect Street, also home to LGBTQ Resources, OGCC & AODRHI.

*These outdoor spaces are designed for informal student use, and can only be booked for events sponsored by McDougal GSL & GSAS offices, LGBTQ, OGCC and AODRI. Contact McDougal GSL staff if questions.

Caulkins Courtyard at McDougal CenterCaulkins Courtyard - large Courtyard behind the McDougal Center (135 Prospect) and Watson Center. Site of Major GSAS events, like Dean's Receptions, Orientation, and eventually Commencement receptions. Picnic tables and chairs, benches, grass, sun and shade.

  • Enter Courtyard from the Center's terrace stairs, Hillhouse avenue stairways, or the stairs from Watson Center. Accessible entrance by walkway off the parking lot at 135 Prospect street.

Swenson Terrace - large stone rooftop terrace off the McDougal Center, upper level. Tables and chairs, benches and lights, it's a cool place to hangout, study, eat or meet with friends, enjoy sun or sunsets. No elevator access - up three stairs from McDougal Center Common Room.

Beinecke Patio - Large patio in front of 135 Prospect, at corner of Sachem, surrounded by high wall. With tables and chairs, benches and bike racks, it's a great place to eat lunch or study in nice weather - come inside to the McDougal Center when it's cold or rainy!