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McDougal Graduate Student Center - Space & Collaborating Programs

The McDougal Center is a Graduate Space AND five collaborating Program Offices serving GSAS Graduate School students and their families.

Created in 1997 through a generous gift from the late Alfred McDougal ’53 and his wife Nancy Lauter, its mission extends beyond the Graduate School throughout Yale and New Haven. The McDougal Center is a special place for graduate students and a collection of grad student-focused service offices. The McDougal Center can help you make the most of your life inside and outside of the classroom, library, and lab at Yale. 

135 Prospect Street - New Center Location - The McDougal Graduate Student Center is housed in renovated space at 135 Prospect Street (Founders Hall, corner Sachem) near Hillhouse Avenue and at the base of Science Hill. The McDougal Center is your on-campus home base for Graduate School students outside the lab or library. It's your place for many grad activities and services, and hosts most major GSAS community events from Orientation to Commencement. 

The McDougal Center Endowment in GSAS supports the Center facilities, and the programs and McDougal Fellows of five collaborating offices to serve graduate students.

Each office has professional staff and McDougal Fellows, or graduate student peer leaders, who provide programs and services to serve Graduate School students like you: