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Guidelines for Graduate Student Organizations

If you are a leader of a graduate student organization, Yale Connect - OrgSync contains all important resources to help you run your group effectively, to stay in good financial, legal and administrative standing, and to avoid getting yourself and your group members into trouble. 

  • Login to Yale Connect with your Yale NetID.
  • In the GSAS Umbrealla, find the Portal “Resources for Graduate Student Organizations - McDougal GSL-GSAS”
  • Review the info, resource pages, bookmarks and forms to assist you in running your organization
  • Organization event leaders & planners. You and your group are held responsible for understanding and following these important guidelines, with potentially serious consequences if you do not follow them.

GUIDELINES TOPICAL PAGES (on Yale Connect - Grad Orgs)

Film & Movie Screenings On & Off campus

Finances & Taxes

Publicity & Media

Legal & Risk Management Issues

Licensed Merchandise - Yale insignia items for your organization

Political Campaign Activity, Free Expression and Peaceable Assembly

Serving Alcohol & Hosting Tailgating Parties