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Political Activity, Free Expression and Peaceable Assembly

Graduate Student Organizations and their members should review and follow Yale Guidelines on Political Activity and on Free Expression on this website, and posted as a page inside Yale Connect - Graduate Student Organizations Resources:

Political Campaign Activity for Yale student organizations

The Office of the General Counsel, Yale's legal team, provides guidelines on how Yale affiliated student groups may engage in political campaign activity.

  • See Specific guidelines on Voter Education Activities, Candidate Appearances, Fundraising and Student Publications. Questions regarding these guidelines or their application may be directed to Richard Jacob, Associate Vice President for Federal and State Relations, at 203-432-4949 or

  • “Yale University is committed to the free expression of ideas and opinions by all members of its community, including views about political issues.  While the university encourages students to engage fully in the political process for the sake of contributing to civic debate and to enhance their education, federal law prohibits tax-exempt educational institutions from engaging in any activity on behalf of, or in opposition to, any candidate’s campaign for public office (“Campaign Activity”).  Campaign Activity includes, for example, sponsoring the appearance of a declared “candidate for public office (“Candidate”), raising funds or canvassing for a Candidate, or distributing a Candidate’s campaign literature.”

  • “In order to assure that student Campaign Activity cannot be attributed to the university, students and student organizations should engage in Campaign Activities in a manner consistent with these guidelines.”

Free Expression and Peaceable Assembly Guidelines for Yale Students

Yale has a deep history of fostering expressive activity. As an academic institution dedicated to free inquiry and the search for truth, the university is committed to free expression.  Recently around the country, we have seen demonstrations become disruptive and even violent.  These guidelines summarize university policies, provide relevant information to students, and are intended to promote the exercise of free expression and the safety and security of all members of the university community.”

The office of the Vice President for Student Life provides guidelines to students to foster freedom of expression in a peaceful and respectful manner in our community.