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Requesting Graduate Org Funding from McDougal Graduate Student Life (GSL)

Registered Grad Organizations can request funding from McDougal GSL of GSAS

As of July 1, 2017, ONLY graduate organizations currently registered with McDougal Graduate Student Life in GSAS may request any funding from McDougal GSL-GSAS.  

  1. As of July 1, 2017, student organizations must Register online in the new Yale Connect via Orgsync system to be recognized and to operate on the Yale campus as an official graduate organization to access rooms, resources, communications and funding.
  2. Official registration is required BEFORE your organization can request funding from McDougal GSL - GSAS
  3. Read the McDougal GSL - GSAS Organization Registration Guidelines
  4. If eligible, Submit a Registration Request online in the Yale Connect system 
  5. Once approved, then you may review the Funding Guidelines and if applicable, request organization funding using the guidelines and forms found online in the Grad Orgs Resources Portal in Yale Connect-OrgSync for GSAS

Other Sources of Funding for Graduate Student Organization events