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Housing Options

Yale graduate students have many options for affordable, comfortable, and convenient places to live in greater New Haven while at Yale. You can live on-campus, in Yale-owned off-campus apartments, or in off-campus apartment buildings and homes in several neighborhoods. While most graduate students live on or near campus in New Haven, some live in surrounding towns and commute to campus (see Transportation Options): 

  • On Campus: Graduate Housing Dorms and Apartments lists Convenient, on-campus housing in historic or modern dorms and varied apartments is available, with Yale WiFi and activities to build community. Only for Full-time degree-seeking graduate and professional school students and their families. New students should apply online starting April 23 each year.
    • Graduate Housing Tips:
      • Apply as soon as possible when the application opens online, as on-campus housing is limited and not guaranteed; most assignments are made based on your housing application time and date stamp.
      • Yale has no temporary or short term housing on campus, so check out local hotels and Bed and Breakfasts.
      • There are no graduate Residential Assistant (RA) or regular live-in positions in the undergraduate residential colleges available to graduate students.
  • Yale-owned Off Campus (Elm Campus) is University-owned off-campus units in the Broadway, Dwight/Chapel or Gym areas and on Mansfield and Prospect streets in Science Hill. They are leased and managed by the private firm Elm Campus; only rented to Yale-affiliated students, staff and faculty. Apply March-June for year-long rentals starting in summer. Subletting for summer may be possible.
  • Off-Campus (non-Yale) Living Service showcases privately owned apartments, homes and house shares that you find and rent/purchase on your own. Not owned, inspected or certified by Yale. There's a lot more information and search resources for off-campus housing on the Life in New Haven pages in this site, including a landlord rating service to review.
  • Yale Roommate Search Site allows students to find roommates in the Yale community