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Associates in Teaching Courses Lineup for Fall 2017 and Spring 2018

May 1, 2017

The Graduate School and the Yale Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL) are pleased to announce the selection of eleven courses for next year’s Associates in Teaching (AT) program. Through the AT program, PhD students and faculty members team-teach courses in Yale College. Initiated in 2009, the program enables doctoral students to conceptualize or redesign, plan, and deliver an undergraduate course in partnership with a Yale faculty member, facilitating expanded teaching opportunities for graduate students, encouraging team teaching between disciplines, and creating new curricula.

This year, twenty-six applications were considered and eleven were chosen. The Selection Committee included faculty members who have previously taught AT courses and who represent the Humanities, Social Sciences, and Natural Sciences Divisions, as well as Graduate School and CTL representatives.

Fall 2017
Professor Emily Greenwood and Sarah Derbew – Classics, “Africlassics: Conversations between ancient Greece, Africa and the Black Diaspora”

Professor David Post and Larry Bowman – Ecology & Evolutionary Biology, “Limnology: The study of inland waters”

Professor Gundula Kreuzer and Annelies Andries – Music, “Women on Stage: Baroque to Beyoncé”

Professor Michael Veal and John Klaess – Music, “Hip-Hop and Dub: Musical Technologies of the Black Atlantic”

Professor Molly Brunson and Isabel Lane – Russian and Humanities, “Ecology and Russian Culture”

Spring 2018
Professor Matthew Jacobson and Anna Duensing – American Studies, History, and African American Studies, “Introduction to Documentary Studies”

Professor Debra Fischer and Lily Zhao – Astronomy, “Origins and the Search for Life in the Universe”

Professor Francesco Casetti and Anna Shechtman – Film, “Truth and Media: Information, Disinformation, Misinformation”

Professor Valerie Hansen and Michael Rapoport – History and Near Eastern Languages & Civilizations, “Islam in Asia”

Professor Andrew Papachristos and Michael Sierra-Arévalo – Sociology, “Criminal (In)Justice in the 21st Century”

Professor Inderpal Grewal and Sahana Ghosh – Women’s, Gender & Sexuality Studies, “Gender and Global Development: Critical Approaches, Diverse Voices”