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Enhanced Stipend Increases for 2022-23

April 19, 2022

A Message from Dean Cooley

Last semester, I had the pleasure of announcing that base stipends would increase across the board for humanities, social sciences, and STEM Ph.D. students in Fall 2022 at a greater rate than usual. Since that time, inflation has risen more sharply than anticipated due to a range of unforeseen factors, putting student budgets under strain. During this year’s budgetary planning cycle, it has become clear that we can further augment the previously announced improvements in student stipends and other support. 

Stipend Increases
In my November 18, 2021 message to you, I announced a two-year plan to increase stipends both to address cost-of-living increases and to narrow the differences between stipend levels across divisions. I am grateful to Provost Strobel for additional support that will enable us to accelerate those increases across the divisions to help offset the impact of rising inflation. Starting in the fall of 2022, humanities and social sciences base stipends will increase the most, 14%, from $33,600 this year to $38,300 next year, bringing these stipends closer to those in the sciences. Stipends in the sciences will increase by 5% from $36,750 to $38,600 in the physical sciences and engineering, and from $38,050 to $40,000 in the biological sciences. 

Family Subsidy Increase
Raising a family while in graduate school is always challenging, and we saw an amplified need for childcare flexibility during the worst months of the pandemic and beyond. To provide ongoing assistance to Ph.D. students who are parents, we will increase the annual family subsidy to $7,500 for the first child under the age of eighteen and $2,500 for each additional child under age six. 

Increases to Medical Leave Hardship and Conference Travel Fellowship Funds will be available as described in the November 2021 announcement. 

I am very glad to be able to make these enhancements. This added support is a continuation and refinement of initiatives begun in early fall 2021 in consultation with the Graduate Student Assembly leadership. I look forward to continuing our effort to improve the graduate student experience at Yale.