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Family-friendly and Earth-friendly at Commencement

May 22, 2017

Babies and children are always welcome at the Graduate School, and the fleet of strollers parked inside Woolsey Hall offered clear evidence that plenty of toddlers had come to watch their parents, aunts, and uncles accept hard-earned diplomas. At the reception afterward, special lunches featured kid-friendly food, and changing tables were available to make life easier for parents (and keep babies comfortable).

GSAS also made certain that the celebration was “green.” The picnic lunch for 1,900 people (served in 40 minutes – the largest and speediest Commencement meal on campus) featured compostable flatware, plates, and cups. Even the lunch bags were reusable and served as souvenirs for graduates and guests to take with them. HGS Dining Hall staff and Yale Hospitality Catering provided the refreshments, which meant the food was local and sustainable, and supported good jobs with excellent pay and benefits. And at the end of the day, all food waste was brought to a local composting site, where it was turned into mulch. And any usable leftovers were donated to a local food rescue non-profit to serve others in need.