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The Graduate School Moved to Warner House

July 2, 2015

The Graduate School moved to Warner House (1 Hillhouse Avenue).

HGS has profound historic significance to the mission of the Graduate School, as well as personal significance to many of you who have lived, studied, attended classes and student life events, dined, and found a true “company of scholars” within its walls. While we who have worked in HGS will miss it, we are excited about the opportunities that await us when we move to the center of campus, more closely located with both the FAS and Yale College Deans offices, and also the School of Engineering and Applied Science. We anticipate that the Graduate School will be in a position to serve you better from this new location and vantage point. 

The Dean's office, the offices of the Academic Deans, Admissions, Financial Aid, the Office for Graduate Student Development and Diversity (OGSDD), and the Teaching Fellow Program look forward to serving students, staff and faculty in our new location in Warner House. While we are moving down the block to Hillhouse Avenue, our phone numbers and email addresses will remain the same. Please check our staff page on July 16th for accurate office locations.

Some important information about where to find us after on July 16th:

  • Financial Aid and the Teaching Fellow Program will be located on the first floor of Warner House; The Dean's office and OGSDD will be located on the second floor; Admissions will be located on the third floor; the academic deans will be located on the second and third floors; fall dissertation processing will be located in HGS, while spring dissertation processing will be located in the Registrar's Office (246 Church Street).
  • The McDougal Graduate Student Center and office of Graduate Student Life will operate in HGS as usual for at least the next two years, until a new graduate student center has been prepared for us on campus.
  • McDougal Graduate Student Life and Graduate Student Diversity Fellows will remain in HGS where they will continue to meet with graduate students. 
  • HGS and the McDougal Center will continue to host many of our annual Graduate School community events and celebrations – orientation, Dean’s receptions and lectures, commencement, and our student life and professional development activities for the coming year.