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Graduate Student Fellowship FAQs Updated

May 1, 2020

To apply please click here

Deadline is Friday, May 15th

May 2020 graduates are eligible to apply to the Graduate School Alumni Fellowship.

Applicants do not need to withdraw their dissertations to apply but may do so if they wish. If you receive one of the fellowships and have withdrawn your dissertation, you must immediately resubmit it upon receipt of the fellowship, for a December 2020 degree.

All other sixth-year students who withdraw dissertations are eligible for a one-term extension only (Fall ’20) and must resubmit for a December 2020 degree.

Students currently in year seven, whether graduating in May 2020 or not, are ineligible for funding extensions, though they may seek extended registration.

1. Who is eligible for this fellowship?

Students who submitted the dissertation for a May degree are eligible, whether or not they subsequently withdrew their dissertation submissions.  If you have not yet petitioned for the degree, you are not eligible.

2. If I withdrew my dissertation submission and receive the fellowship, when must I resubmit the dissertation?

Immediately upon receipt of the fellowship. Instructions will be provided in the award letter.

3. If I withdrew my dissertation submission and do not receive the fellowship, what happens?

You must resubmit your dissertation by the October 1 deadline for a December degree. You will be eligible for a fall term teaching fellowship and stipend at the standard departmental level.

4. What are the selection criteria?

Instructional and institutional need as well as demonstrated commitment to teaching will largely determine which students receive fellowships.

5. Will fellows have a choice in their assignments?

Instructional and institutional need will determine assignments, but these will be made in consultation with the Fellow.

6. If I accept this Fellowship and subsequently am offered other employment, may I decline any remaining portion of the fellowship?

By term, yes. But you may not leave your position in the midst of a term because it will disrupt educational continuity.

To apply please click here