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New Housing in the Plans for Graduate Students

January 23, 2015

Yale is planning to build a new residence hall for graduate and professional students on Elm Street, Provost Ben Polak announced on January 15. The new facility is slated for occupancy in 2017.

This project is an essential part of our strategic plan to improve graduate housing and a crucial step toward enabling us to begin the long-awaited renovation of the Hall of Graduate Studies,” Polak wrote in his announcement.

Realizing “that there is no way to renovate the Hall of Graduate Studies to meet current student expectations for housing or to meet current construction requirements for residential use without exorbitant expense,” the administration is facing “a once-in-a-generation opportunity” to use 320 York Street “in a new and innovative way,” Polak says. Under consideration is the transformation of HGS into a central home for the humanities at Yale.

We have heard a desire among humanities faculty and students for more collaboration across disciplines. HGS is large enough to house many of the departments currently scattered across the campus. To be clear, we have no intention of merging departments. Rather, we think that collocation might facilitate interaction. In addition, we think that an investment of this type will make a strong statement about Yale’s enduring commitment to the vibrancy and centrality of the humanities,” he says.