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Perspectives: Conversations with Alumni Elizabeth Breese ‘12 PhD, Sociology

March 14, 2022

Announcing Perspectives: Conversations with Alumni featuring Elizabeth Breese ’12 PhD (Sociology)

Wednesday, March 16, 2022
4:00 PM via Zoom

Conversations with Alumni is an interview series intended to bring the Graduate School alumni and student communities together. Alumni share their experiences and insights as models for success and make themselves available to connect with current graduate students.

In the next session, Matthew Tanico, Assistant Dean for Graduate Student Life, will talk with
Liz Breese, Vice President of Marketing at Panorama Education, a company focused on improving K-12 education for every student. As VP of Marketing, Liz leads content and brand, demand generation, product marketing, and communications. At Panorama Education, Liz has led the go-to-market strategy for products supporting students' and adults' social-emotional learning.  At Yale, Liz was an active member in the Center for Cultural Sociology. Liz's academic work focuses on the social meaning of celebrity, journalism, and the public sphere. Her academic work has been published in journals including Communication Theory, Cultural Sociology, and Society. Together with Jeffrey Alexander and Maria Luengo, Liz is editor of The Crisis of Journalism Reconsidered: Democratic Culture, Professional Codes, Digital Future (Cambridge University Press, 2016).