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Update re stipend payment options

August 3, 2020

The Graduate School is committed to paying a stipend to all Ph.D. students who are enrolled for the fall 2020 term. We have been actively exploring options to make this possible, especially for new international students who are not able to travel to the United States for their first term of study.

Currently, payment options for the fall term include the following:

  • Direct Deposit: Students must have a US bank account and update their financial records by August 13th in order to have their first paycheck issued via direct deposit. We strongly encourage all students to set up direct deposit.
  • Mailing of Checks: If you do not have the ability to enter direct deposit information, we are able to mail paper checks domestically or internationally. We understand that paper checks outside of the United States may present some challenges, so an alternative option of wire transfers will be made available.
  • Wire Transfers: This option is available only to students who do not have a US bank account or a US address. We will be in touch soon to provide information about signing up for this option. We are working hard to minimize any out-of-pocket costs to students. Please note once you arrive in the United States you must update your mailing address and payment options. You can then select direct deposit or have paper checks sent to your US residence.

The Graduate School Financial Aid Office will be sending out more detailed instructions for each of these options. If you find you have any questions about your payment options please contact Sara Estrom, Director of Financial Aid.