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Who Is Matt Amodio, Jeopardy! Champion?

August 9, 2021

The article below is reprinted from Yale School of Engineering & Applied Science

Departments: Computer Science
Proving that he’s equally versed in the founding fathers, the Beatles, Ethiopian leaders, and many, many other topics, Matt Amodio is the fourth-winningest Jeopardy! player of all time, with earnings of more than $475,000 (as of press time - the numbers change fast). “A Ph.D. student from New Haven, CT,” as he’s introduced every night at the start of the show (which has a policy against naming contestants’ employers), Amodio is a fifth-year Computer Science Ph.D. candidate in the lab of Smita Krishnaswamy, assistant professor of genetics and computer science. We caught up with Amodio at his parents’ home in Ohio to talk about his remarkable run.

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Updated article from the Washington Post on September 12, 2021