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Yale’s Department of Philosophy ranks number one for academic placement

August 26, 2022

Yale’s Department of Philosophy has been ranked number one out of 143 doctoral programs in philosophy tracked by Academic Philosophy Data and Analysis (APDA) for academic job placement for Ph.D. graduates. The ADPA dataset includes ten years of data on Ph.D. outcomes. Yale’s percentage of Ph.D. graduates from 2012-2021 whose most recent employment record is a permanent academic job tops the list at 71%. An additional 17% of Ph.D. graduates from the same period currently hold temporary academic positions.

Verity Harte, George A. Saden Professor of Philosophy and Classics and current chair, attributed this achievement to the department’s talented graduate students, but also to the current and former directors of graduate studies and placement officers, Zoltán Szabó, John S. Saden Professor of Philosophy and Linguistics, and Stephen Darwall, Andrew Downey Orrick Prof of Philosophy. Lynn Cooley, dean of the Graduate School, commended the department’s culture of mentorship and advising in supporting student outcomes. “Yale’s Department of Philosophy has a steadfast commitment to students’ personal and professional development and its faculty members are dedicated to stewarding their students into the wider philosophical community as the next generation of scholars,” Cooley remarked.

According to further analysis of the data by Carolyn Dicey Jennings, associate professor of philosophy and cognitive science at University of California, Yale’s department is also one of only six departments to appear on the achievement list both for academic placement and for being a department with an average student rating of “definitely would recommend.”