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GSAS Newsletter December 5, 2014

Friday, December 5, 2014

Research and Honors

Tracing the History of the Universe

Astronomy students Erica Nelson and Joel Leja are members of a team that is teasing out the early history of the universe by looking at distant galaxies through the world’s most advanced telescopes. The galaxies... » read more

Jason Zentz: Questioning Questions for Linguistic Insights

Jason Zentz (Linguistics) studies syntax (sentence structure) and morphology (word structure) in the Bantu language family, which includes some 300-500 languages spoken throughout most of sub-Saharan Africa. More specifically, Jason... » read more

Andrew S. Brown: Curating a Treasure Trove of Historical Documents

Andrew S. Brown (English) was in very distinguished company when he spoke at a symposium celebrating Yale’s acquisition of a major scholarly treasure: the Anthony Taussig Collection of English Legal Manuscripts and Printed Books. In... » read more

Alumni Spotlight

Michelle Anne Stephens: A Study of Iconic Black Male Performers

Michelle Anne Stephens (PhD 1999, American Studies) recently published her second book, Skin Acts: Race, Psychoanalysis, and the Black Male Performer (Duke University Press, 2014). []... » read more

Kathryn Gin Lum: Heaven and Hell in Pre-Civil War America

Kathryn Gin Lum (PhD 2010, History), assistant professor of Religious Studies at Stanford University, has authored Damned Nation: Hell in America from the Revolution to Reconstruction (Oxford University Press, 2014). The... » read more

Frederick Cooper: Antinationalism and Anticolonialism in Africa

Frederick Cooper (PhD 1974, History), professor of history at New York University, returned to Yale in October to present “An Antinationalist Anticolonialism: Politics in French West Africa, 1945-1960,” as part of the Council on... » read more

GSA Update

The GSA gathered much momentum during the 2013-2014 academic year and has been working hard to build on it this year. Since the 2014-2015 session began, the GSA has worked closely with both the Office of Career Strategy and the Center for Teaching and Learning to ensure productive partnerships that concentrate on graduate student needs and resources. Additionally, the GSA has seen its role in... » read more

Staff Excellence

On November 12, 2014, President Salovey congratulated 34 staff members for the first-ever President’s Award for Staff Excellence. Among the groups honored was The Clerical & Technical Summer Training Collaboration team, which included GSAS staff member Yvette C. Barnard. This team developed a Summer Training Program which has helped to expand the perspective and skills of more than 1,000 Yale staff who have participated. Their efforts reinforce Yale’s commitment to staff development and career progression. Congratulations, Yvette!