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Emergency Fund Requests That Have Been Funded and Requests That Have Been Denied

Eligible for Funding


Not Eligible for Funding

Emergency dental expenses (e.g., root canal). Dental emergencies may qualify for up to 50% of the unreimbursed cost


Personal automobile repairs

Temporary housing for displacement due to fire, flood, or other unforeseen circumstances


Moving expenses (except for mandated moves)

Travel costs related to unexpected crisis or death in the immediate family


Medical costs not covered by Yale Health

Mandatory relocation due to harassment or Title IX issue


New Haven area rent

Change of locks after a burglary


Research Support



Recurring costs


Replacement of old technology (e.g., nonfunctioning or damaged laptops)




COVID-19 related requests


COVID-19 related requests

Costs of mandatory quarantine


Funding for relatives who lost jobs

Emergency flight to return to Yale after research site closure of freezing of research funding


Elective travel to be with family and friends who do not have COVID-19 or to leave New Haven

Flight to return to Yale prior to announcement of travel bans


Temporary housing while assisting a sick relative recovering from COVID-19


Funds to research restrictions imposed by COVID -19 safety measures (e.g. requirement for more vehicle rentals due to occupancy restrictions)


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