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What Institution code do I use to report my standardized test score results?

Yale has several graduate and professional schools, each with different institution codes, so it is important that you use the correct code when sending your official scores to the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences. Official scores cannot be transferred between different schools at Yale. 

  • GRE: Institution Code 3987
  • TOEFL: Institution Code 3987
  • IELTS: Yale University Graduate School of Arts and Sciences (scores are only accepted through Electronic Score Download Service)
  • GMAT: 3TJ-30-78

It is sufficient to select an institution code when sending your official scores. You do not need to designate department or program codes and you may leave them blank. If you are required to enter a department or program code you may use the following codes:

  • GRE: “0000” (Undecided)
  • TOEFL: “99” (Undecided)