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When is a final official transcript required?

A final official transcript is required only after an offer of admission is extended to you and you accept that offer.

For admitted students only:

  • The transcript must be sent to us directly from the issuing institution or its authorized agent, properly signed and/or authenticated.
  • If the transcript is for a degree program, please wait to send the final transcript until the degree has been awarded and is marked on your official transcript - no interim transcript is necessary.
  • If you received a degree from the institution, the final official transcript (or an accompanying degree certificate) must indicate that the degree was awarded.
  • If the issuing institution does not indicate that a degree was awarded on their transcripts (common at institutions outside of the United States), please also request a separate degree certificate to accompany the transcript. We cannot accept a final transcript for a degree program unless we receive both a transcript of grades and an indication that the degree was awarded. 

Final official transcripts may be certified electronic transcripts or traditional paper transcripts. PDFs sent as email attachments will not be accepted.

1. Certified Electronic Transcripts (preferred method):

If your institution is able to send a certified electronic transcript (from Parchment, eSCRIP-SAFE, Digitary, National Student Clearinghouse, etc.) it should be sent to:

This address is for institutional use only. Transcripts sent to this address by the student will not be accepted. 

2. Traditional Paper Transcripts:

If your institution will be mailing a paper transcript please have it sent to the appropriate address, below. The transcript must be received in an envelope sealed by the issuing institution and contain authentication such as a signature or raised seal.

For courier services, such as UPS, DHL, FedEx, etc:

Yale Graduate School of Arts and Sciences
Graduate Admissions
1 Hillhouse Avenue
Room 302
New Haven, CT 06511

For US Postal Mail (USPS), only:

Yale Graduate School of Arts and Sciences
Graduate Admissions
P.O. Box 208236
New Haven, CT 06520-8236