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New Policy - Ph.D. Student Family Support

New Ph.D. Student Family Support Policy

Starting in academic year 2018-2019, an annual subsidy of $4,500 will be available to Ph.D. students with a child of any age. For additional children under the age of six, an annual subsidy of $1000 per child will be made.

A half subsidy of $2,250 and $500 for each additional child will be available in the spring semester (2018).

Yale’s Graduate School of Arts and Sciences offers one of the most generous financial support programs for Ph.D. students and their families.


• Continuation of the Graduate School’s outstanding health care coverage at Yale Health, which provides full coverage for all Ph.D. students and their children. Coverage will also continue to be available from the Graduate School for half the cost of the two-person plan when the Ph.D. student is enrolled with a spouse. See this comparison table for full details.

• An annual subsidy of $4,500 to Ph.D. students with a child of any age. Parents can decide how best to use this funding – they can cover the remaining cost of their spouse at Yale Health, or, if they have other options for spousal health care, they can use the money for childcare or any other family needs.

• For additional children under the age of six, an annual subsidy of $1,000 per child.

• The new policy will go into effect this spring and will coincide with the enrollment period for Yale Health (Feb. 1 – July 31, 2018).

Importantly, access to the Ph.D. Student Family Support subsidy will not require means testing, which is used by many of our peers for awarding childcare grants. This avoids the need for students to submit financial documents or be subject to income thresholds, and also minimizes the need to divert funds into administrative costs.

We are committed to helping all Ph.D. students succeed during their time at Yale. Our Parental Relief Policy offers one fully-funded extra semester in graduate school per child, with the student’s academic clock stopped. With the introduction of the enhanced Ph.D. Student Family Support Policy, all Ph.D. student parents will have better, and more flexible financial support for family expenses.

For more information, please see these New Ph.D. Student Family Support Policy FAQs. You may contact if you have other questions.